Friday, November 30, 2012

Indy| where your story begins

My dearest Indy.
You took me to a place I have never been before.
A place I never thought I wanted to go.
A place I never thought I could handle.
But a place that I am so thankful to have experienced.
Here is your story sweet girl.

I woke up at 5 am the morning of August 15 to contractions.  I got in the shower, timed contractions and got myself mentally prepared to have a baby.  I woke up Jared and my mom and we scrambled to get everyone taken care of so we could head to the hospital.  Soon everyone was set and it was go time but as soon as we got in the car the contractions stopped.  It, honestly, made me giggle because that is exactly what happened with Capri but had I progressed to a 5 when I made it to the hospital with her.  This time I was rather shocked and felt a little silly to find that I was only at a 3.  The cute nurses let me walk for an hour and encouraged me as they saw me wander the halls but much to my dismay, nothing.
I headed home disappointed.
The next morning I was once again ripped from my sleep at 5 am to even stronger contractions.  I got up and busied myself cleaning out a closet and breathing through contractions.  Finally once they were 5 minutes apart I woke up Jared.  We once again headed to the hospital but as soon as got there, nothing, not one contraction.  We debated, once we got to the hospital doors, if we should even go in but ultimately decided to go in and be checked since he was working so far away and we knew it would go quickly.
We entered labor and delivery to some VERY unkind faces.  I gave them a little overview of what had been happening to which the nurse rolled her eyes and sent me to triage.  I was once again checked and I was still at a 3.
I was crushed.
I felt so dumb.
So exhausted.
So confused.
What was going on!?
I went home vowing never to return.
As soon as I got back in the car they started again.

For the remainder of the day I wrote down every contraction so that the nurses could indeed see that I was not making it up.  I contracted all day long and they increasingly got more and more uncomfortable.  By 5 all I could do was breath.  Capri would stand by me and rub my leg.  I wanted to wait until at least 7 pm because I knew that was when shift change was but once we reached 6 pm my mom looked at me, laying on the ground in a ball, and asked, "Have you had enough?"
I could only nod.
I called Jared to let him know I was leaving and he told me that he was in the driveway and coming in to get me.

 As we once again walked into Labor and Delivery a nurse saw me and smiled, "I knew you would be back today," she said.
They told me that they were so busy that I would have to go back to the waiting room while they found a spot for me.  All I could do was giggle at this roller coaster and pray that they would not send me home again.
After about 15 minutes {and multiple strong contractions} a nurse called me back to triage and was super surprised to find that I was dilated to an 8.
I smiled and told her that she was my favorite person to which she responded with a, "I am not going to be your favorite person much longer."
I knew exactly what she was going to say.
Exactly what I did not want to hear.
Exactly what I had been afraid of.
Exactly why I had been in 2 other times already.
So I did not even ask.
Jared did.
The anastesiologist was in an emergency C-scection.
I would not be getting an epidural.

That was the moment that I retreated inside.
I had to focus.
To forget about everything that was happening around me while not allowing myself to focus on what what happening on the inside of me.
In. Out.
My mom stepped in and taught me what to do.  
Try to relax.  
Don't clinch. 
Breath shallow through contractions and breath it all out when it is over.  
She rubbed my back which saved me.

Jared sat by my side.
He was quiet.
He protected me from the nasty nurse that I had that told me that I wasn't allowed to think that my pain level was a 10 {despite being dilated to a 10},
He started to make calls to track down any anastesiologist possible.
He was told the same thing, the only one available was in a C-section but was given his number.
I still do not know all the details but somehow Jared worked it out.
After several hours of intense labor and reaching a 10 for a good amount of time, the only nice face we saw all night showed up.

He was wonderful.
Not only did he give me medication but his presence was uplifting and enlightening to us all.
Such a tender mercy because our roller coaster was still not over.

I could now smile.
I could breath.
And then with 2 swift kicks my water broke and the baby crowned immediately.
Nurse said I was not allowed to push because the doctor was on the other side of town and she "could, but would NOT deliver a baby."

We spent the next hour waiting.  
Jared nervous for the baby.
Mom irritated with the bipolar nurse.
Me doing everything possible to keep the baby in.
Not an easy or comfortable task. 

Finally doctor showed up at 10:40 pm and was visibly exhausted and also irritated with nurse for not allowing me to push.
With 2 pushes our little Indy was born at 10:50 pm.

She was one of the goopiest babies I have ever seen and had the sweetest, softest little cry.
As soon as I caught a little glimpse of her I knew her name was Indy {A name that was not even on our list going into the hospital}.

As soon as I held her all I could do was close my eyes and hold her close.
Breath her in.
Soak her in.
Allow all those feelings, experiences, and emotions to imprint on my heart.

Indy Reese Nielson
August 16, 2012
7 lbs 6 oz
19 inches

Jared got to put her first diaper on her and get her all ready to come snuggle with me.
He was beyond excited to hold her and have her in his arms.
He is such a good daddy.

 The time came to decide on a name.  
I knew what I thought but since it wasn't even really an option going in I did not really want to say anything.  Nobody was speaking up, just looking around as if they knew something I did not.
Finally I said, "okay, I know this is crazy but I think her name is Indy."
Everyone started to laugh and completely agree. 
Nobody had a reason why other than this little lady just came with her name.

My dear little Indy,
Oh how I love you.  You are my special little surprise.  You taught me more before I even held you in my arms than I could have ever imagined.  You pushed me to do something I never thought I could do but am so thankful that I did.  You are a special little girl with some special things to do.  I cannot wait to see where your journey takes you.  
Never forget your mommy loves you and that you are stronger than you think.
I love you.
Pictures courtesy of Sarah Goodsell
{thank you friend}

Indy| month 2&3

Month 2 and 3

-You started sleeping 9 hours at 9 weeks {pure bliss}
-You are the happiest little lady and only cry when you are hungry
-You are a smiler
-You drool all.the.time.
-You rolled over from your tummy at 3 months
-You love to be on your tummy
-You drink 4-5 ounces per feeding
-You still really hate your car seat
-You get the saddest little face when you hear Capri cry
-Your brothers and sister adore you
-You love to snuggle
-You are always sticking your tongue out
-Your cry is little.  You sound like a little mouse
-You sweat like crazy when you cry
-At 3 months you weighed 11.9 lbs {10-25%} and were 23.5 inches {25%}
-You got to meet your cousin Macy.  So much fun.

We love you little lady!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Indy | month 1

My dear sweet Indy
you have made it to 1 month and melted our hearts along the way.

I was a little nervous to see how Capri would take to you but she has become a little mama to you.  She adores you.  She cherishes you.  She insists on kissing you on top of the head at
least 30 times a day.  She is going to be your best friend.

You eat like a bird and tend to fall asleep while doing it.  You eat every 3 hours and we get super excited when you are able to finish 3 ounces.  
You are the best cuddler.  Everyone loves to hold you because you are able to just melt into them.  It is a joy.
You hate, hate, hate your car seat and you are not afraid to let us know you are unhappy with it.
You have the cutest, longest toes.  You can thank your great great grandpa and your uma for that one.

The boys had the hardest time remembering your name at first.  Finally they came up with "cowboys and Indy."  They haven't forgotten since.
Cade loves to hold you in the morning and talk to you.  Beckam always asks if he can "pet" you.  They adore you.
You love your binki {thank heavens} but have a hard time keeping it in your mouth {bummer}.
You just barely made it out of newborn clothes and diapers.
You have an outie belly button.  The boys are fascinated with it.
Mom calls you her "little Indy girl."

 We all adore you, little lady.  
You have brought so much joy into our home.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Miss Indy Reese Nielson

Perfect as ever....

Every last inch of her.

August 16, 2012
7lbs 6oz
19 inches

Friday, May 18, 2012


My crazy monkeys showered me with lots of loves, kisses, and cards this mothers day.

What a lucky mama I am.
Now to wrap my brain around the fact that there will be +1 in just a few months...

Thursday, April 5, 2012


First a few confessions:
1. I do not like school breaks.  I dread them.  I find myself counting down the days until they are over before they even start.  Call me a bad mom but it gets a little overwhelming trying to entertain 2 very energetic boys with no school distractions.
2. I love, love, love waking up in Las Vegas in the spring.  Windows open, breeze blowing, birds chirping.  It is the perfect way to start the day.
3.  If I could wake up and snuggle with my husband and babies in the morning, every morning, I would be one very happy mom.  It just brings joy to my heart.

So this morning I wake up to a little person saying "mom.... mom.... moooooom."  I groggily come out from under my blankets expecting to settle yet another spring break disagreement.  But to my surprise I see a beaming Beckam holding a plate overflowing with eggs and toast and hear an excited Cade on the other side of the bed doing the same for Jared. 

Those little men woke up, cracked, scrambled and plated 18 {yes 18} eggs for us and made multiple pieces of toast.  Cade was proud that he had made all the eggs and Beckam was proud that he had handed Cade all of the eggs.  Love it.
When I asked them why they decided to make us breakfast Cade replied, "just because of all the nice things you do for us."  ::sigh:: melt my heart.

After we had choked down eaten all of our eggs {while the boys jumped back and forth over the bed and Capri squawked until she had just as many bites as I did.}  I headed down to view the damage.  Not bad considering a 6-year-old and a 3-year-old had made breakfast but it did take a good amount of time to scrub yolk off of... everything.

So back to my confessions.  
1. Those little turkeys proved me wrong.  School breaks are not half bad... except for the cleaning up part.
2.  Windows open, breeze blowing and birds chirping is even better when accompanied by kids.
3.  Snuggling with the family is even better when accompanied with eggs.

Still smiling.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

sugar rush.

We ate a lot of candy yesterday.
Like a lot.
But that is totally legal one day a year... right?

Now we are on sugar detox around here....
not helpful that we still have doughnuts, cupcakes, sees chocolates, and cookies still hanging around.
Maybe we will start tomorrow.

Happy late Valentines day to you all.
Hope your holiday was as fantastic as ours was.

Friday, February 10, 2012


We have been working A.  L.O.T. on reading around here.  
There may or may not have been some tears shed {by both of us}.
But nonetheless we have worked and worked and worked until that fateful day came. 
He read the WHOLE book by himself.
And then completed, turned in, and brought back a book report marked with a 100% and a Rock Star message from his teacher.
We were both all smiles... all day!

However, as we worked on that fateful day this was happening in the other room....

 Every bucket, drawer, and bin over turned so that Beck could find just the right legos for this little machine of his.
It was his first contraption built all on his own.
He definitely added to the smiles that day.

All while this little lady woke up from her nap with the most wicked, I just pulled my piggies out, bed head you have ever seen.
Definite smiles.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


It is true.
We will be a family of 6 in August.  {oh my gosh!}
Seriously cannot even wrap my brain around it.

Jared is super excited {just bummed there will be no AFLAC kickbacks this time around.... thats what happens when babies surprise you like this}
Cade is thrilled with the idea and lovingly refers to the baby as IT.  {he is hoping the baby is born on his birthday... I am not}
Becks doesn't really get it. {he is just bugged he doesn't get to drink my "tummy drink"... flavored carbonated water has been heaven sent.}
Capri is clueless for what is about to rock her world.
And me... depends on the moment.  I am excited and thankful {just a tad bit overwhelmed with the thought of 4 {that is FOUR} kids!

This pregnancy has been very different from the others.  I have been considerably more nauseous and have had super {like I need it n.o.w.} cravings.  However, all in all I cannot complain.  

So, there you have it.  This is really happening, really.  
Wish me luck and pray for my sanity :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dance Party

 Last week I decided that our family was in some desperate need of some good 'ole fashioned f.u.n.
I had no idea what to do and not many resources to pull from so I decided that a dance party was in order.
The boys were not to thrilled to hear that we were going to be dancing but once the word party was introduced they were totally on board.
Beckam insisted that we had cupcakes for the party so we spent the afternoon working on some rather unsuccessful cupcakes that needed to be eaten with a spoon... but he was happy.
Cade is now convinced that he is the best dancer in the family {and reminds us of it every day} and Becks is convinced that he is the best DJ ever... and he kinda is.

We had a blast with the music up loud, kids dancing crazy and laughing our guts out.
Gotta love Monday night dance parties.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Cade originals... from about 2 years ago.

I have had these on the sidebar for about 2 years now... time to document them and move on to bigger and funnier things from this kid.  love him.

--Cade Originals--

-Cade was playing a boxing video game with jared. He knocked a guy out and Jared said, "wow, Cade, you jacked him up!" Cade then says, "Yeah, he's wearing a jacket!"
-We were playing the extra games on the furious five DVD from Kung Fu Panda. One of the things you can do is find out what Chinese year you were born in. Cade was so excited and was convinced he would be a dragon. We clicked on his year and a rooster pops up. I say, "Hey Cade, you are a rooster!" His jaw almost hit almost hit the floor and he said with disgust, "A chicken! I don't want to be a dumb chicken!"
-I asked Cade what his daddy's name was and he said, "Jared." I then asked him what my name was and he said, "Aunt Lacey."
-Cade said, "Hey mom, I have 2 pennies!" I replied, "well that is cool, where did you get them from?" He said, "the Holy Ghost." I surprisingly said, "Oh really, that is cool." He said, "yep, He dropped them down to me."
-Cade was playing Madden College Football on PS3 with Jared. The announcer was talking about the Buckeyes. Cade then says, "The butt guys? Their name is the butt guys!?"

Saturday, January 14, 2012


We have had busy days, 
busy weeks,
 and busy hands.

Some of our hands are more predictable than others.

Cade has been working hard in school.  He is in the  AR reading program which is a love/hate thing.  Not sure who hates it more.... him or me.  I have decided that teaching your child to read is right up there with potty training... no bueno.
He is doing very well despite the frustration and the "you are the meanest mom evers..." 
I think that deep down he actually likes it {especially math} it is just hard to slow down a busy 6-year-old sometimes.

Meanwhile in the other room.... some more predictable hands.
I know that if there is any type of candy in the house Beckam WILL find it.  
No matter where it is.  
No matter how high.  
No matter how well hidden.  
He will find it.

He is full of mischief but also so much love.  He is my love bug that will stop whatever he is doing to give me a hug and a "I love you mom."  10 minutes later there just might be a melt down and a "I hate this!" but I take the loves that I can.

And little miss...?
Her feet have been busy.
Pictures to come, when I can get her to slow down long enough.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rock Stars

Beckam had his good friend Trent over to play the other day.  Trent had just gotten a guitar for his birthday and Beckam was beyond excited to pull his out and jam.  
These two were totally cracking me up.  They were full on rock stars whether the camera was around or not, jamming on their guitars and singing at the top of their lungs.  
Love it.