Thursday, January 25, 2007

Just a Little Insight

So I thought that I would give you a little look into the real lives of the Nielson family.

25. Cade loves cheese sticks.
24. Get jealous when mom and dad kiss. He puckers his lips up so he can be included.
23. Could and does play with a ball all day long.
22. He will come up with a fake laugh if everyone else is laughing.
21. Is afraid of the vacuum.
20. Will eat anything if it is dipped in yogurt or cottage cheese.
19. Loves to unplug the bathtub.
18. Will make a siren noise when an ambulance drives by.
17. Loves baby Einstein.
16. Could play outside for hours.
15. Loves to do the actions of "pop corn popping on the apricot tree" and wheels on the bus.
14. Likes to walk through the house pretending to talk on the phone.
13. Loves babies.
12. Will point at every picture of Christ and say "sesus"
11. Calls anyone and everything "Mama."
10. Is the loudest kid you have ever met.
9. Likes to flirt with people at the store.
8. Looks fabulous in orange.
7. Stops to look at every airplane he can see.
6. Will bark back at a dog.
5. Hates to have his diaper changed.
4. Still takes two naps. (yeah!!)
3. Favorite Church snack are Yogos and gold fish.
2. Insists on reading books before bed.
1. If he is standing when he bows his head to pray he tips over. It is just too funny to watch how many times the falls over and stands up. He sure is persistent.
25. Love to teach Relief Society.
24. Am anal about having Cades hair combed and face cleaned before we leave the house.
23. Graduated from BYU 1 week before Cade was born.
22. Am always looking for a new insight to motherhood.
21. Am so proud of my husband!
20. LOVE living in Las Vegas.
19. Grew up painfully shy but am slowly coming out of my shell.
18. Sweep the floor on average of 3 times a day.
17. Hate hot dogs...yuck!!
16. Shave my arms.
15. Enjoy working out but cant spend more than 1 hour in the gym.
14. Am terrible at keeping in contact with people that are far a way. (Blogging really makes me miss you guys!!)
13. Often think about when we are going to have another little one.
12. When we go out to eat, I look forward to dessert the most.
11. Fear of looking dumb is what holds me back the most.
10. I am very indecisive.
9. I cannot have any chap stick or lipstick on when I speak in public.
8. I love Saturday morning when Cade comes into our room and cuddles in our big, fluffy, white bed.
7. I have become WAY emotional since I became a mom...I bawled while watching Finding Neverland.
6. I am not nearly as patient as I need to be.
5. I love Disneyland. I feel like a little kid again.
4. I cant handle when people smack their food or gum.
3. I have to brush my teeth again when I get out of the shower to feel completely clean.
2. I love when my husband smiles. His eyes twinkle.
1. I am so thankful for my little family.
25. Jared is the best husband and daddy ever.
24. Secretly day dreams about beating up bad people and saving the good...Just a modern day Robin Hood.
23. Won state championship his Senior year of High School football.
22. Picked his wedding ring because he liked the box.
21. Would cry when the Jazz or Cougars lost when he was a boy.
20. Loves his trusty 4runner.
19. Missed our little ones birth.
18. Cant pass a homeless person without giving money. He is such a giving soul.
17. Dreams of fighting in the UFC one day.
16. Loves to show off Cades tricks.
15. Has a twin.
14. Has more shoes than I do.
13. When we go out to dinner he most looks forward to the appetizer.
12. Loves to be the center of attention and to make every one laugh.
11. Won me over while county dancing.
10. Thinks he is invincible.
9. Loves new different food.
8. Misses Utah.
7. Is usually late.
6. Will drink any glass of water that is left unattended for a moment.
5. Is the loudest man I have ever met. I guess Cade comes by it honestly.
4. Wants 8 kids. I don't know about that one.
3. Is called the "cast doctor" by the patients at work.
2. Lives for the moment.
1. Loves to relax with the family.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Puckers and Smooches

Cade loves to give Kisses to anyone and everyone. I love the way that he puckers his little lips and then delivers a wet slobbery kiss. He also has to give kisses in clusters. If one person is given a smooch then everyone else has to get a kiss too, it is great.

Cade0's loves his tubby!! His hair is getting long enough that we have to scrub a lot when it is time to was his hair. I laugh and laugh at him when he has his Alfalfa hair do. The other day I was making my bed while Cade was splashing. He is infamous for letting all the water out of the tub. When I walked back into the bathroom he just giggled because he had managed to get all of the water out before I told him to plug the tub again. The silly kid!

Last night Jared was getting Cades jammies on when he called me into the bedroom. When I walked in I saw Cade stumbling around his bedroom, giggling, with his shirt stuck on his head. It was so funny. We were all in stitches, especially when Cade bumped into the wall. He looked like he had just had too much to drink. It was great.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Mystery is Solved!

So, do you ever have the discussion with your spouse about who takes up more room in the bed? Well, for the past almost 3 years Jared has insisted that I ALWAYS take my half out of the middle. I happened to disagree with him and had the opinion that I always get smashed all the way to the side. This has been a common debate in my home until I finally caught him in the act and actually documented it with a picture rather than just my word. Isn't it so nice to solve a mystery?

Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Nielson Weekend

For Christmas we received a wonderful gift...the gift of time together Alone!! We were given a certificate to a nice hotel along with a yummy dinner. So, last night we took advantage of our gift and left Cade with his Nana and painted the town like two newlyweds. We had so much fun and so enjoyed being together but also missed our Cade so very much!

Once we returned home we found our Cade as happy as could be eating his lunch with a neat hair do courtesy of his Nana with a little help from his nap. We laughed and laughed and he thought we was a really cool dude.

After a long day of play he took his tubby and gave loves and hugs all around.

Now, he is tucked snugly in his bed and is completely zonked. He loves sleeping with his hands behind his head. I often wonder if his arms ever fall asleep but some how it doesn't phase him.

We had a wonderful weekend but are also so thankful to be back together as a family!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Oh Happy Day!!

In interest of our budget I only enter the doors of Costco one time a month. I looked in my fridge this morning and decided that the time had come to make the "trip." It is always such a beautiful moment when you can open the fridge and have it look somewhat full. It is funny how when you become a mom that it is the smallest things that can offer enjoyment.
Bringing the food into the house is always the longest process. Once I loaded most of the food onto the stroller (it is easier to roll the food to the door rather than carry it) and stopped with Cade to look at all the airplanes flying by we finally made it to the house. Once I got him situated and turned on baby einstine to capture his attention I grabed the stroller and made one last run to the car. On my way back I looked down the sidewalk to see that my little munchkin had ditched baby einstine and had found a way to open the front door and quickly made it to the fence and was jibber jabbering to the kids walking home from school. It was just too stinking funny. He thought that he was so big.

Monday, January 15, 2007

One sock, no shoe...One shoe, no sock

So today was a very difficult day in the life of Cade James Nielson. For some reason he just woke up on the wrong side of the bed and just couldnt find a happy place until this very moment. I had stripped him down to his onsie because he had banana all over it and he had pulled off one of his socks. After walking around the house in a sad mood he finally got his shoe, brought it to me, and insisted on having it put on his sockless foot. That, for some reason, was the cure for all his woes and he then proceeded to spend the remainder of the afternoon with one shoe, no sock and one sock, no shoe.

I always tell him to "sit down" when he stands on his chair and then point to the seat of the rocking chair. So, today when he stood up he immediately said no, pointed to the seat of the chair, sat down, smiled, and then stood back up to start the process over again. It was too funny.

Today was finally the day that we were able to break out the new coat that his grandma and grandpa got him for christmas...yes, it does get cold in Las Vegas...sometimes.

Happy birthday Chandler!! Today was my nephews 12th birthday...offically a pre-teen. He had a great paintball party with his friends and then a yummy dinner with the family. As you can see, Chan was not the only one that was excited about blowing out the candles.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Growing pains

Okay, so once again I am STILL trying to figure this whole thing out. I thought that I was so clever when it came to posting the blog about the Shark Reef. I had too many pictures to put on one so I did two seperate blogs but ended up posting them backwards. So, for it to make sence, start with the Shark Reef blog and then back up to the Continued one. of these days I will get it.


At the end of the day the kids were all pooped out. This is my little niece Amelia who shows how all of the kids were really feeling inside. She was the smart one who finally gave into sleep.
Cade made the wise decision too. Once we hit the car he was out for the count. We all had such a fun time!! I can honestly say that there is nothing better than sharing something with your child that you know that they find true excitement and intrigue in.

The Shark Reef

Cade and I went to the Shark Reef with my sister-in-laws and nieces and nephews and had so much fun. They had huge tanks with tons of fish, eels, sting rays, jelly fish, star fish, and of course sharks. Cade Love, Love, Loved the fish. He sat in his stroller with wide eyes and pointed at everything that he saw.
Cade was just too funny. He reached a point that he was so tired of me calling his name to get a picture that he would throw me these faces of "okay mom, thats enough."
Here are all of the kids (minus the two babies) We had our work cut out for us that is for sure.
Here is one of the smaller sharks that we saw. The kids were so excited about taking pictures that I ended up with a bunch of pictures of fish and sharks.
We were in this big tunnel with fish and sharks all the way around us. Cade couldn't stop staring at the fish that were above us.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Our Museum Outing

Cade loves to read his books and insists on doing so before bedtime and nap time. His favorite lately has been his BYU cougar book. He loves to open to the sport page, take my hand and use my finger to point at all of the balls on the page. His newest set of jammies came from his Nana. He looks so big and is blowing her kisses thank you.

Today we went to a children's museum here in Las Vegas. It was a great place full of tons of things to play with...a post office to make stamps, grocery store with cash registers, jungle gyms, bubbles, etc. I was so excited to take Cade and give him a change of scenery. Well, we packed him and all of his cousins up and ventured out. I was interested to see what he would gravitate to and low and behold....the STAIRS!! All he wanted to do was go up and down, up and down, up and down. He could have cared less about the bubbles, jungle gyms, toys...He just wanted his stairs. You gotta love one-year-olds. I figure we spent $20.00 to re carpet to stairs from going up and down so often.

Monday, January 8, 2007

Still a little new...

Okay, so I cannot even tell you how long I have been working on this blog and I have just one question... How in the world do I change the fonts to cursive? I can find the standard fonts but not the cursive and I have looked FOREVER!! So, if anyone could help me I would much appreciate it!! Thanks!

Traditions and chocolate chips

When I was little the fun thing that I would do with my dad was make cookies. However, the memorable part was that we would mix the dough with our hands. Well, I decided that Cade has finally reached the age to pass the tradition on.

Once we sat on the floor to mix in the Chocolate chips he went right for the bowl and ended up with a hand full of dough in his mouth and a big smile on his face. As we continued to mix he would pick out the chocolate chips and wipe off the dough just to make sure it was what he wanted and then pop them in his mouth. The night ended with full tummies, yummy cookies and kisses for mom.

Yep, Santa made it!

Wow... another year is officially here!! Christmas in the Nielson home went well. We had the privledge of spending the holiday with Jared's wonderful brother and sister-in-law. Cade enjoyed it but would have rather had candy and empty boxes rather than actual gifts. He walked around the room and picked up all the candy that his twin cousins dropped and stuffed in his mouth as quickly as he could. I thought that for sure he would LOVE ripping the paper but in reality I was the one that wrapped them and also the one who opened them. The holiday season was good to us... full of food, family, and love.

I think that Jared and I were more excited about Christmas morning. Haha, Jared was bouncing off the walls when he saw the twins new trikes. I think he rode them more than they did that day.
Cade ended up way too spoiled by his grandparents! Santa brought him a rocket that rolls around the house and makes noises, its great.

Welcome to the new age!

Welcome to the new age!! I have always wondered what a "blog" was and low and behold here I am with my very own!! Well, here is the beginning and there will be many many more to come!!