Thursday, December 27, 2007

Holiday Happenings

I am so sorry about the long hiatus! Life has been crazily busy and I have also been without my camera for a while. However, things are starting to slow down (a little) and getting back to normal.

We had the pleasure of having my little sister, Alli, and her husband Makay come and stay with us for a few days. They are going to school at BYU-Idaho and had a few days off and we were lucky enough to snag them. We had so much fun having them here and I had a blast reminiscing with Alli about our childhood. Cade was completely smitten by Makay and wanted to do everything Makay did and be everywhere Makay was.
Cade liked to play hide and seek with Alli and Makay and for some reason thought that a tree would supply an ample hiding place. It was too funny. We also got to hear the babys heart beat while they were here, which was so exciting. It was nice to know that the expanding belly really is alive and kicking.

Christmas was an exciting event in our house. Jared was on call so we stayed in Las Vegas and decided to stay in our own home and have our own little Christmas (we usually stay at his brothers house and have Christmas morning with their family). I was so excited for Cade to have his first Christmas that he kinda got the idea. I was so tired from all of the preparations but I could not sleep on Christmas eve. I was wide awake and so ready for the celebrations to begin. Once 4:30am rolled around Jared, whom I kept awake with my excitement, and I decided to pop in a movie and kill some time. Once the movie was over at about 6:30 I couldn't wait to roll into bed but as soon as my head hit the pillow I heard the door of our little munchkin jiggle and he was ready to party. We tried to convince him that it was still sleep time but he would have nothing to do with it, so the festivities began.

He humored me for a few pictures before we went into the family room to open presents, notice the sleep in his eyes! He was so much fun to watch open his presents. He has so much emotion and after every present he would say "thank you Santa!" at the top of his lungs and then get wrapped up in the gift until I convinced him to open another one. Towards the end I ended up opening his presents for him and drawing his attention to the new toy.

One of his first favorites were his new legos because it came with a "lego guy." For some reason he thought it was cool.

Jared was in charge of the video and I was covering the camera. We were both busy! During the Christmas season all Cade could talk about was Santa bringing him a scooter. I was so excited for him to see the scooter I could hardly stand it! So, "was it a hit," you ask? Ummmm, kinda. The real hit of this Christmas.... the 99 cent flashlight....figures. He is still trying to figure out the scooter. He hasn't quite grasped the idea of turning. He just picks it up and turns it to where he wants, it is rather comical.
Jared got me some Mary Kay products and some fun money. I got him some BYU stuff and ended up caving and getting him a PS3, something he as talked about for as long as I can remember. I was totally stoked to give him the system but caught the reaction on the video but have no pictures. Needless to say, he was VERY excited! My dream came true when we went to Jason and Melissas to check out everyones gifts and I had my Christmas wish fulfilled. I have wanted to take Cade to Disneyland for a long time, especially during Christmas time. We were planning on doing it but end up having other things come up and so decided not to. Well, they were all bouncing off the walls to give us our gift and so I was excited to see what was in the box and to my TOTAL surprise there was a trip to DISNEYLAND inside! I am so so so excited and cannot wait to board the airplane tomorrow. Cade has been talking about seeing "mick mouse and goopy" (goofy) all week long.

Cade was also way too spoiled and was so blessed with so many fun gifts from so many people! Thank you everyone!

He also got his Lion towel that he loves. He thought that he was so cool this morning wearing it and roaring like a lion. I was laughing and laughing, this kid keeps me in stitches. So, now that I have finally gotten back to blogging I am going to be leaving again but will be back soon with lots of pictures and lots of stories from Mickey. We love you all and thank you so much for all your love and generosity! Happy New Year to all...we love you!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What Sounds Good Baby?

My poor, sweet, Jared was sent on his first crazy pregnancy fiasco last night. We had been planning on going out with some friends so I didn't have any dinner planned but things didn't work out. So we decided to get some errands done and before I knew it it was 6:30 and Cade was in the back of the car saying, "Mom, I am huuuuuuungry!!" So we made a quick stop at McDonald's to satisfy him so we could finish what we were doing. Well, eventually we both realized that we too were hungry and the typical question, "so, what sounds good?" was asked. Well, unlike the past few months, I actually had an idea of what I wanted... Meat! I wanted a steak or a pork chop with some mashed potatoes. It just sounded so good but so out of character for me. All Jared could do was look at me and laugh... "who are you and what did you do with my wife?" he asked.
Well, Cade had reached his limit and bed was calling his name so I headed in to put him to bed and Jared headed out to satisfy my tummy. An hour, 5 restaurants, and a sleeping baby later Jared got home with a smile and a "I got what you wanted, babe!" He pulled out a juicy pork chop with mashed potatoes and a green salad, my hero!

I asked if he had told every person he asked about a pork chop why he was on the hunt. He said that he had only told the guy at the last place he went to which the man replied, "oh man, I have 3 kids and I know EXACTLY what you are going through!" I laughed and laughed and felt a little embarrassed at what my poor hubby had to just endure for his crazy wife. After dinner was devoured he pulled out a chocolate dessert with a big smile on his face. I asked if he had seen a picture of the dessert of if he just read it on the menu. He said that he just asked the guy if they had anything chocolate. The guy said they only had one thing to which Jared replied, "I'll take it." They guy asked if he wanted to know what it was and Jared said, "nope, it is chocolate, it will do, I will take it." Haha, the guy laughed and again said, "Man, I know EXACTLY what you are going through!" Oh... the things that we all do for pregnancy! Thanks sweetheart! You are the best!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

10 Weeks and Counting

Wow, it has been quite a while since I have actually sat down and taken the time to type about my life. We have been busy but still no pictures to share because my camera is still in the shop...dang! Today officially marks 10 weeks of pregnancy and I have to say that I have been very very blessed. I have felt well, had enough energy, and have dodged most of the 1st trimester aliments, that was until yesterday when everything came crashing down. I think that it all just caught up with me and all I could get done was shower and caulking Cades new dart gun (from grandma and grandpa) over and over and over and over and over.... Needless to say it was a rather unproductive day but hopefully it was just a fluke because I seem to be feeling on the up and up today.
We had the opportunity of having my mom come and spend a few days with us this week and had so much fun! It is always so nice to have her around and now the house feels a little too quite since she left. We had a great time shopping, eating lots of junk, going to the park for hours on end, and talking even more. We went to the new H&M store that just opened here and stocked up Cades winter wardrobe and I also found him his Christmas suit, I will have to post pictures when I get my camera back.
Now for the details that some have asked for....
1. Yes, I was waiting to share the prego info because some of our family didn't know until Thanksgiving and I didn't want the info to leak out to them before we told them.
2. I am due July 3, 2008
3. Cade does know that I have a baby in my tummy but doesn't really get it. When we ask him what we are having he usually says "an ister!" (sister)
4. I have felt fine but I cannot cannot cannot watch food commercials or the food network (such a shame) or it just makes me sick! Ugh!
5. I am already starting to get a tummy! Way too early! I was bound and determined that I would be able to hold off as long as I did with cade (about 4 months) but no such luck this little one just wants to pop out and be noticed.
6. We are so excited to have another baby in our home again.