Monday, December 13, 2010

Just for Grandma...

You asked and I delivered.  

Love you mom!!
6 weeks old

Side note:  I do love her brothers too... they just don't hold still for the camera as long as she does :)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Capri: Month 1

It has been 4 short weeks since she was born but it feels like she has always been with us.
Amazing how things you love fit perfectly into your life.

A few of my favorite things about you...
-dad and I could watch you for hours... and we often do.
-you love to be swaddled...tight.
-you just barely grew out of newborn clothes and can almost fit 0-3 month sizes.
-you get hiccups all.the.time.
-you eat almost 4oz every 4 hours.
-you are a patient little soul.
-you will go from dead asleep to an ear piercing scream... when a girl wants to eat she wants to eat.
-beckam calls you Pree and smothers you with kisses and hugs constantly.
-cade always wants to hold you and thinks he is way cool when he can stand up with you in his arms.
-i cannot pick you up without kissing you.
-purple is the color you look best in.
-you always burp twice in a row.
-you love your avent binki.
-you love to sleep. 

We all love our sweet little Capri and are so thankful to have her here.
Love you baby girl!

8 lbs 13 oz
21.5 inches
37 cm head circumference

Saturday, December 4, 2010


  There is nothing like fall trees.  I love them.
The color.
The crunch.
The memories they stir within my heart.

Not very often, in Las Vegas, do you actually get a glimpse of real fall trees.  As enchanting as palm trees can be at first sight they don't exactly lend much to the fall season.  So when I saw these trees my heart practically skipped a beat.

I was rather impressed with myself.  I had all three kids up, bathed, dressed, fed, and on location by 8 a.m. I wont tell you what I looked like or how Beckam really acted but lets just say neither were very pretty.

Life is finally starting to get into somewhat of a routine.  I still feel a little out of sorts that I have had to replace my normal, leisurely, 10 a.m. workout for a 5 a.m. sleepy eyed run, my enjoyable, quiet shower time with a speedy, chaotic rinse (if I am lucky), and laundry... well... hmmm... lets just say there is a lot of it.
However, how lucky I feel to have these 3 little monkeys.  They have all grown, evolved, stepped up, given a little and loved a lot.

Being a mom is good.  It is amazing.  It is tricky.  It is hard.  It is everything.
I have recently gained a new perspective.  A view from the other other side, if you will.
I had the incredible opportunity of photographing my dear friend Camille as she brought a beautiful baby into this world.  
The mom feeling never changes... it just deepens...always