Friday, July 15, 2011

Capri: Month 8

I cannot believe that we have reached 8 months already!  You are closer to 1 year than you are to being a newborn... how did that happen!?
You are the pretty much the sweetest baby ever.  

-you love your blankets. a lot.
-you have not met a food you don't like.  You are always interested in taking a taste of whatever we are eating.  Your recent favorite has been graham crackers and bananas.
-you love the pool.  You will sit back and float around all day.
-you were not too interested in the beach.  
-you love to smile and do at everyone.
-you recently found your voice... and it is loud.
-you just got a new highchair and you think you are pretty cool stuff in it.
-you are still a pretty good sleeper and if you have to miss a nap you are pretty good and just going with the flow.
-you just started to army crawl and seem to find everything and anything on the floor.
-you l.o.v.e. jewelry.  I have to turn my wedding ring into my palm when I feed you because you always want to grab it and eat it.
-you are still wearing 6-9 month clothing.
-you will do anything to get a hold of a diaper.  You find them so interesting.
-you bring so much peace to our house.

We love you little lady.  So so so much.  You bring us all so much joy.... 
but you are getting big way too fast!  Just stay little forever.

*side note: yes, Beckam did turn 3.  I didn't forget.  We celebrated.  I didn't take pictures, shoot.  He was so sweet.  I am working on his 3 year old pictures.... soon.