Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Brotherhood: defined

I love my little men and they love each other... most of the time.
It has been interesting to watch their relationship grow and develop.  To watch them try to figure out where each others buttons are and how to push them just enough without getting into trouble.  But in the same breath, be the one they turn to when they do.  
When I lay in bed at night and think of them I picture them as they are above. 
Holding hands.
Looking to each other for guidance.
Laughing together.

However, when I wake up and am actually in the throws of life with them this is how it R.E.A.L.L.Y is...

I will take it.
It is real.
And it makes me giggle.
So there you have it... 
Brotherhood in real life.

Capri: Month 3

Can you believe it... 3 whole months!!  Time is going so fast I just cannot believe it.  I am not sure if it is because she is my 3rd and I am into "mom grove" or because she is my little girl but I am so happy, content, and in love with this little baby.
She just makes my heart happy.

 -you love to smile.  especially at mom... and I love it!
-you just discovered your hands and are constantly fascinated by them.
-you are always holding onto your shirt with your right hand.
-you just started to giggle a little bit.
-you sleep about 8 hours at night.

-you do not like the camera.  You smile and smile until the camera comes up and then the smiles are gone.
-your eyes are still blue... and absolutely beautiful.
-you love your blanket by your cheek when you fall asleep.
-you take most of your naps in your car seat... Guess it comes with having older siblings that are always on the go.
-you made your first "sick trip" to the doctor.  poor baby!
-your arms and legs are constantly moving but yet you still remain so calm.
-you always want to see people.  you can be screaming your lungs out and if we just walk into view you are fine.

-you love your tongue and are always sticking it out.
-you eat about 5 ounces per feeding.
-you can calm anyone who is holding you.
-you are all girl.  even your cry is sweet and dainty.
-you love to keep eye contact with whoever has you.

We L.O.V.E. you our sweet little Capri.  You have brought so much peace and happiness to our home.