Wednesday, March 26, 2008


We had a great Easter. We started on Saturday afternoon by going to an Easter celebration that was held in our community. We were so excited to go and Cade couldn't stop talking about seeing the Easter bunny and how we needed to bring carrots for him. We showed up with a lot of excitement and then left when I drew the line at after standing in line for an hour for a balloon and only moving about 3 feet. In the end we opted to stop in at Panera for a cookie and head home for a nap. But I had to snap a picture just to prove that we attempted.

On Sunday morning I got ready as fast as I could so that I would have time to take some pictures of Cade in his Easter outfit. He was quite the comedian and kept trying to play peek-a-boo and pull faces...

But I finally got a face shot of a cute little giggle and his chipped tooth.

He was still being a goof ball when I got a shot of his outfit. He usually hates ties but for some reason this one was a winner and he couldn't wait to put it on.

His two favorite things in his Easter basket were his sunglasses that he wears EVERYWHERE and...

his magnifying glass which he also takes everywhere. He will hold it up and say, "wow, mom, you are a giant!"

Potty training update: Things are going.... well... good... bad.... and somewhere in between depending on the moment. I must admit that he is doing well and I do see hope in the future but I know that we still have a journey to travel. He is awesome at home but sometimes forgets what is going on when we leave and he starts playing. But I cannot complain, it has only been a week, and I can still leave the house as long as I keep and eagle eye on this little man and read his potty signs. So all in all sometimes potty training isn't that bad and others I want to just sit down, cry and accept the fact and he might just have to leave on his mission wearing diapers.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring Training

This week has been "spring training" for Cade... potty spring training that is.

Trips to the potty we have made: About a 1,000

Bullets that have been shot while staying inside in underwear for the week: 200

Baskets that have been shot: 301

Towers that have been built: 55

Loads of laundry and ironing that have been completed while spending the week inside with a potty training toddler: 25

Amount of time before we both went crazy being cooped up inside: about 24 hours

Amount spent on Mickey Mouse underwear, potty seat, and potty treats: $26.55

Quality time spent with these cute buns: PRICELESS

Thursday, March 13, 2008

6 Months and Counting...

Well we have made it 6 months without anything too eventful besides an increasingly growing belly and never ending shrinking clothes. I have truly enjoyed being pregnant, despite my last post, and feel honored to be able to carry this little guy. Cade has recently decided that he is having a "baby siser (sister)" for some reason so it will be interesting to see what he has to say when it is really a brother. And he is definitely getting a brother...this little guy was NOT shy for the ultrasound :)

After he eats and has a full belly he will stick out his tummy and say, "look mom, its my baby tummy!" to which I will respond, "cute tummy!" and try and kiss his belly. However, he will quickly stop me, put his finger to his mouth and say, "shhhhhh, the baby is slllleeeeeeeeping!" Silly me, what was I thinking?!
So there you have it folks...the 6 month belly. I have really, really, really popped out or "filled out" as Jared has chosen to term it these past few weeks and know I am only getting bigger! So here is to the last 6 and looking forward to the next 4 (isn't that just mean that you really have to be pregnant for 10 months but only get recognition for 9 of them ;) )

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are...

Where have we been, you ask? And going crazy is the answer. These past few weeks have been filled with constant go go go. We have logged about 24+ hours in the car and have packed a lot of fun people into a short amount of time. As I mentioned in my last post we went to Utah last weekend and were able to see Jareds family. Before we left my uncle and cousin pulled into Las Vegas and stayed at our house while they went to the NASCAR rases. It was so much fun to see every one even though it was a quick trip.
Jareds mom came back to Las Vegas when we came back so we were able to spend a little bit more time with her which was nice. The rest of the week was filled with laundry, dishes, running errands and just trying to get home so we could get ready to head out to Arizona the next weekend. The long awaited "hearing" with my HOA finally happened (its a long story but lets just say I DO NOT like them!!) After jumping through many hoops they have finally erased the bogus fine they put on our account so I was very relieved and so happy to have it over with.
We were scheduled to leave to Arizona first thing on Friday morning to take my nephew to his baseball tournament but my body had different plans. On Thursday afternoon I started feeling a little yucky and by that night I wanted to die. I spent the night throwing up, with the chills, a fever and crying because I did not want to stay home alone sick but I also didnt know if I could make the drive. Friday morning I woke up to the sunshine and realized that I could move without wanting to run to the bathroom, thank heavens for the 24 hour bug, and jumped right into my neglected packing. We made it out of here a little late but we made it.
We spent the weekend with our friends the Wurtz. We met them right after we were married and have been friends ever since. We had so much fun spending time with them and have missed having them right next door. Cade and Brooklynn played and played. We also had a really great time watching Chandler play baseball, he played his heart out and did a great job.
So, there you have it, our craziness. We are now preparing to welcome the Mountain West Tournament to Las Vegas and cheer on our cougars.
I apologize for the lack of pictures and shortage of posts. Life has been busy but I have really spent most of it just trying to survive. I have been very lucky this pregnancy in that I have felt really good. I haven't been sick, I have been able to still go to the gym, and life has seemed to stay rather normal. However, these past few weeks my emotions and Cades "2 year oldness" have collided and collided hard. It is just crazy because I dont think that either one of us has quite the grip on reality that we would like to. So, I am hoping and praying that the time will soon come that I can wrap my mind, feelings and most of all my emotions around reality and just get a grip. So there is my deep dark secret, I am a closet basket case when I am pregnant. But I have to say that I am so thankful for my health and for this little baby getting ready to come to our home. So until next time keep your fingers crossed that I don't lose my mind.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Small Update

Life has been a crazy whirl wind around here! It has finally warmed up which has been SO SO SO nice!! I honestly do not know how I used to endure so many months of winter when I lived in Utah and Rexburg. We have been loving the sunshine, shorts and sunglasses. Cade loves his sunglasses and takes them everywhere. It is too funny to watch him wear them because they are way too big so he has to walk around with his head tipped up so they do not fall off.

Cade has also become increasingly more independent and insists on doing everything himself and dressing is one of his favorites. I was totally laughing at him when he put his jammies on and had to waddle around because both legs ended up in the same pant leg. He didn't mind too much though because he was so proud of himself for accomplishing the task at hand.

We have been traveling all around the place and Utah has been one of the places we have hit. Last weekend we jetted up there for a blessing and a baptism. It was so much fun to see our little Sawyer again on his special blessing day. He is such a good baby and getting so big! We had a wonderful time with our family and just wish that we could have stayed longer!

We also got to meet our newest little nephew, Makay. He was born only a week ago and was such a sweet little cuddle bug. Jared couldn't get enough of him. I think that it made both of us just that more excited for our little guy to get here. And gave me hope that Cade can be nice and soft with a little baby.

I also had such a wonderful birthday. My cute hubby and some family took me out to eat at the melting pot and we had a fabulous time! It was so much fun to get all the cards, phone calls, emails, and birthday wishes. I am not one to ask for attention or want the spotlight but when I woke up this morning and realized my birthday was over for a whole year I must admit that I was a little sad. So thank you to everyone who made my birthday so special and made me excited for next March 3rd to come around!