Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sugar Rush

Although Valentines day passed over a week a go I am pretty sure my boys are just now coming off of their sugar high. The Valentine celebrations began with making sugar cookies.... lots of them. Cade decided that he wanted to take pink, frosted sugar cookies to hand out as his valentines this year. I was really excited about it because it has been forever since I have made sugar cookies... chocolate chip I could make with my eyes closed but sugar cookies... that is a whole different world. The first batch I made was a bust so I tossed them out and pulled out my guaranteed sugar cookie recipe... my moms.

Cade was so excited to see them all frosted and with the kids names on them. He went to town with the "sprinklers" as he calls them and proudly took them to school.

Once he made it home from school and tore through his valentines and Becakm tore up Cades valentine bag, Cade excitedly went to town decorating his own cookie.

He had so much fun and caked the frosting on... thus the beginning of the never ending sugar high.
Beckam loved his cookie too and would not let go of it until every last crumb, of his and Cades, was gone.

We had fun family valentine activities all weekend. I made strawberry banana french toast and eggs for breakfast, we made valentines for each other, we all snuggled in bed, the boys got me cards, Jared took me out of a fantastic dinner, we had a fantastic time and enjoyed LOTS of candy and valentine treats.

And of course the valentine bakugans joined us where ever we went.
I am pretty sure that neither of the boys know exactly how they work or what they really do but both of them can be found with at least one of them in their possession at any given time.
We had a great Valentine holiday and I am thankful that I got to spend it with the 3 most important men in my life, even if it did include lots and lots of sugar.
I love you guys.

Now I am off to think about Easter baskets...
is there ever a holiday that doesn't require way too many treats...
I guess it wouldn't be a holiday if it didn't... right?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

As much as I like seeing my dad...

I kind of almost like seeing this smiling face more... and I think my dad would agree :)

I have been at a bit of a disconnect with my life these days.
I have not touched my camera.
Have not even thought about my blog.
And the gym... just makes me tired to think about it.

Honestly I have spent most of my time cuddled up with these two, which has been nice.
Beckam is my little singer. He is always humming, singing, or playing with the toy guitar or drums. He loves music. It makes me smile to see him because most of the time his lips are in an "o" {see above} with some type of melody coming out.
I was outside playing with the boys yesterday and had a flash back as I watched Beckam run around protecting his granola bar with his life. I realized that it was not that long ago that he was crawling around like a mad man and holding on to his apple with dear life. {above}
That flash back made me realize that he has gotten so big and I didn't even know it.
Can you believe that he has gotten so big?
He is not a baby any more.
Honestly, where does the time go?
He might not be as little anymore. And he might not be as blonde as he once was. But he is still as sweet and sassy as ever. And boy does he love to eat!
So it is time to jump back in. Time to get back in to the swing of life. And most of all time to realize my babies wont be babies for too much longer....
so maybe we should just stay all cuddled up.