Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Beckam: 5 months...just a little late...

  • You can smile and cry at the same time.
  • You have started eating "big baby food" (as Cade would say) and Love sweet potatoes.
  • Love to be thrown up in the air.
  • You can go from a screeching scream to a dead sleep in a matter of moments.
  • Love to talk and talk.
  • Watch everything that Cade does, especially when he is eating.
  • You can roll onto your tummy but will only do it when prodded by others.
  • Love to put everything in your mouth.
  • Fall asleep as soon as you get snuggled up the right way with your blue blanket.
  • Love to hold onto moms hands and stand up.
  • Always laugh when you hear someone say "dadadada"
  • Bed time is 7:00pm and you wake up around 8:00am
  • Starting to hate your car seat.
  • Wearing 6-12 month clothes.
  • Have the cutest chunky legs ever!
  • Nicknames: Littlest love, Big B, Becks, Baby B
  • Your favorite toy is your car seat bug.
  • Love to splash in the tubby.
  • You are starting to get more opinionated and don't hesitate to let us know what you want.
  • You will give loves and kisses to anyone that will take them.
  • Startle easier than anyone I have ever met.
  • The calm and peaceful one of the family.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

"I Hope They Call Me on A Mission,,,"

( Halloween 2007)
On Sunday we were getting ready for church and talking about my brother who just received his mission call to Santa Rosa, California. Cade has always loved the missionaries and quickly jumped into the conversation and says,
C: "I love missionaries, mom"
Me: "I know. I do too. Will you be a missionary one day?"
C: "But mom... I am a missionary now."
It made me smile that he has such a tender heart and such a desire to serve a mission. I thought that Cade had a concept of what a missionary was since we have had many dinners with them, see them at church every Sunday, and talk about them often. However, we then had this conversation and I changed my mind:
We were diving to the store and saw a group of missionaries
Me: "Look, Cade, the missionaries"
C: "I want to go on a mission mom."
Me: "I know, sweetie, one day you will get to go. Do you know what missionaries do?"
C: "Yep, they give people food and then cover it up for them."
Me: "Hmmm, really? When did you see the missionaries do that?"
C: "At church mom. They give us bread and then cover it up."
Me: ::laughing to myself:: "No, sweetheart, those are the young men. Missionaries go to different places, knock on peoples doors and teach them about Jesus. Did you know that there are people that don't know who Jesus is?"
C: "Ohhh. Well, I want to go on a mission but what will I say."
Me: "You will get to teach people about how much Jesus loves them. Should mommy and daddy teach you how to be a missionary so when you get big you will know how?"
C: "Yeah mom, that is a great idea!"
Me: "Sounds good. Where do you think that you will go on your mission?"
C: "To Harry and Ben's house (his cousins that live down the street)
Me: ::laughing:: "Sounds good to me."
C: "And mom, Ryan (my brother) is going to be my missionary friend (companion) too, and we will ride bikes, okay."
Straight from the mouths of babes.
I love this little boy!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Need I Say More...?

I think it is time to find someone else to take pictures of because Cade has had it. Anyone interested...?

On the other hand...

Aren't these the most Kissable lips and cheeks you have ever seen?

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Recap

This Halloween this year was a success. We started off the season with plans of having a BYU player and a football for trick or treaters. However, as time went on and stupid me mentioned to Cade that his cousins were going to be knights we no longer had a little boy dying to be a BYU player. Despite the fact that I had his whole costume bought and put together I caved and decided that it would be no fun to fight him on the subject every time he had to put on his costume. Which, side note, it is unbelievable how many times a 3-year-old needs to put on their costume. My mom and I went to Target and I fought against the idea of buying a store produced costume. Although, I am not one to love Halloween I hate the idea of putting my kids in something cheesy. However, she convinced me that he would love it and that would make the costume "cute" in the end. From the second that I walked through the door with his "ninja knight" costume or "inja knight" as he called it he truly thought he was a Ninja Knight. He would have slept, ate, bathed, and played in the costume and would still be in it if I would have let him. So, in the end.... I thought it was cute.

Every morning for 2 weeks he put the costume on, went outside, and practiced his kicks, punches and best of all... his ninja eyes. How he came up with that I have NO idea but it cracked me up every time.

We had a trunk or treat with our ward on Monday. After making the rounds and getting tons of candy he sat in our trunk and insisted on handing out all of his own candy to the kids, despite the fact that we had a whole bowl left. It made me smile to watch him find so much happiness in giving away something that was his. I was also so amazed that every child said "thank you" to Cade. So needless to say, we came home with a bucket full of regular size candy bars because Cade had given away all of his trick or treat candy.

Poor little Beckam doesnt have any costume pictures by himself. I was planning on making him a football but then realized that he would be just out of the hospital so I decided to scratch that idea. Even though plans changed I totally spaced the idea that he would need a costume. So on Halloween I pulled Cades old costume out right before we left to trick or treat and didn't have the chance to take his pictures. I am hoping to get around to that as soon as I find the face paint, for his whiskers and nose, that I lost some where. Even though the poor thing was sweating to death he was sure one of the cutest lions I have ever seen.

Cade made out like a bandit. Half way through the neighborhood he told me that he was "all done with candy." I told him that he didn't have to go up to the doors any more however, Jared quickly jumped in and told him to get up to the door and get some candy. By the end of the night Cade had to carry his bucket with both hands so he didn't drop it. We went back to the house and the kids dug in and ate and ate and ate! I am a believer in getting it all over with as soon as possible so I don't have to be the candy police. So, needless to say, we are candy free in our house now and finally coming down from a sugar high.