Monday, June 13, 2011


Don't you just want to eat her all up?
She is pretty much the sweetest thing... ever.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Capri: Month 6 & 7

I cannot believe that 7 months has passed with this little peanut.  She is such a joy and is growing up so quickly.
-you are finally brave enough to sit all on your own.  you still tip yourself over sometimes when you get excited but for the most part you do well.
-you love your baby food.  you haven't found one yet that you don't like.
-you love to squeal all the time.
-you sleep 11-13 hours at night... its a beautiful thing.
-you are totally content to take your naps in the car seat.
-you are complimented on your eyes all the time...they are a beautiful blue.
-you had your second tooth pop through.  
-you chew on everything.

-you can roll but only do so when you are in the mood.
-you love your soft blanket.
-you smack your lips often.
-you love to softly run your fingers through moms hair and just look at it.
-you go with the flow well.
-you love, love, love the pool.  we put you in your floaty and your relax the whole afternoon.
-you hate the big bathtub, go figure.

 -you also turned 6 months old... a month ago.  I was intentionally waiting to post the 6 month pictures until we had you weighed at the doctors.  However, the appointment was pushed back several weeks because of a trip to the ER we had to make with you.  One night you spiked a fever and couldn't stop throwing up.  You quickly became very lethargic and glassy eyed so we rushed you to the ER in the middle of the night.  After many hours, test, prods, and pokes the finally discovered that you had a UTI, you were one sad little baby. 
We did eventually make it to the pediatrician for your 6 month check.
At 6.5 months-
Weight- 16lbs 4oz
Height- 26.5 inches
Head- 43.5 cm

You are such a joy and we are all so thankful for the sweet and calming spirit you bring to our family.  We love you baby girl!