Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Challenge

I have decided to try and pick up my camera more often and hopefully improve my photography knowledge. It is always fun to take pictures of Cade but it gets boring when they are always in the same place and usually surrounding the same activity. So I decided to take a photography challenge and pick up on my "One a Day" blog. Week 1 is all about "Our shoes" and will be posted here but the rest will be on my other blog that can be found here or to the left. Have fun and hopefully I can keep it up!

“The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that fits all cases”

Carl Gustav Jung

Here is the list of what is to come....
Week 1: Our Shoes
Week 2: Our Breakfast
Week 3: Hallways
Week 4: Transportation
Week 5: Connected
Week 6: Love
Week 7: Stripes
Week 8: Drama
Week 9: Perspective
Week 10: Transactions
Week 11: Precious
Week 12: Rituals
Week 13: Yellow
Week 14: Heat
Week 15: Heritage
Week 16: Pride
Week 17: Birth
Week 18: Partnership
Week 19: After Dark
Week 20: Smile
Week 21: Finale
week 22: Start Of Summer
Week 23: Challenge
Week 24: Blue
Week 25: Work
Week 26: Half
Week 27: Home
Week 28: Water
Week 29: Green
Week 30: Summertime
Week 31: Communication
Week 32: Summer Produce
Week 33: Where are you?
Week 34: The End of the Beginning
Week 35: One of these things is not like the others
Week 36: The Green Eyed Monster
Week 37: Passion
Week 38: Numbers
Week 39: Toys
Week 40: Bizarre
Week 41: Red
Week 42: Depth
Week 43: Fire
Week 44: Music
Week 45: My Favorite Place
Week 46: Fun
Week 47: Spirit

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cleaver Little Boy!

On Sunday we were on our way home from Jareds brothers house. We had to leave before the cookies were baked and so Melissa sent us home with some cookie dough to cook at our house. Cade wanted to hold it and I told him that he could if he kept the bag closed. He promised and quickly stopped talking about the dough. Half way home I looked at Jared and said, "Is he eating that cookie dough?" Jared looked into the back seat and assured me that the bag was still closed. We continued talking and I again said, "I swear he is eating something," but was once again assured that the bag was still securely closed. Once we pulled into our house Jared hopped out of the car to get Cade and immediately burst into laughter. "Cleaver," I heard him say, "cleaver!" I peeked in to see that Cade had poked a hole in the middle of the bag and snitched some dough out. I have to hand it to him. He knew he wasn't supposed to open to bag so he found an alternative that followed what I told him to do and also satisfied what he wanted to do.
This past weekend we were back out at the baseball diamond for some good old fashion fun. Chandler, my nephew, has started up baseball again and we had so much fun. The kids love running around in the open air and playing with each other. They climbed trees, rode scooters, hit baseballs and just laughed together. It was so much fun to watch them fully enjoy one another. We are still working on the "sharing" concept with Cade. Does that ever really happen? Do they ever learn to willingly share, even when it is not their own toy!
I must say that my little niece Amelia stole the show though. Her little pigtails and peaty coat made me secretly wish that there was a little girl on her way to our home. It is such a joy to have so many fun cousins around for Cade to play with!

Monday, January 14, 2008

The Lord Works In Mysterious Ways!

I decided that in effort to save a little money after the holidays and make our family time more meaningful that we would start our weekly, "Friday night pizza night." So instead of going to a restaurant and ordering food for Cade that he usually doesn't eat and also fighting with him to stay sitting we just ordered pizza, his favorite, and played games as a family. It was a little difficult to find a game that a 2-year-old can not only comprehend but that the mom and dad like playing too. However, my mom had a stroke of genius and suggested the Hungry Hungry Hippo game when I was talking to her a few days back. Cade loved it and so did we. It brought out a little competition between Jared and Cade and it was hilarious! Cade has talked about his hippo game all weekend and cant wait to pull it out again on friday!

Cade finally got to wear his Christmas suit. He was sick the sunday before Christmas and we were gone the sunday following so I was so excited to deck him out. I didn't get a great picture because it was FREEZING and windy before we went to church and lets face it, they never look as cute coming home as they do when you leave to church. So here is a quick shot of his "missionary suit" as he calls it. He likes to stand up in sacrament, wave, and say "Hi missionaries!!" as soon as he spots them. It is really cute and endearing unless it is after the meeting has started.

I am here to testify that the Lord works in mysterious ways. Last Sunday before church I had made a new commitment to myself that I was going to be more involved and get to know the sisters better. I was so excited and pumped for the new year of sunday school and Relief society lessons and couldnt wait to teach from the Joseph Smith manuel. I couldn't believe that Cade looked so big in nursery now that the older and VERY rambunctious kids had moved onto primary. All I had heard was horror stories about these little ones so I was glad to see them move on. I was on cloud 9 walking out of church...that was until a member of the bishopric chased me down and said that he needed to talk to me. I honestly just wanted to run to my car and pretend that I never heard him. We walked back into the building and whole time my stomach was in knots! As we sat down the dreaded words came out of his mouth... "we would like to extend to you a new calling..." I had to do everything in my power to not cry, I LOVE my calling and did not want to leave Relief Society! He then went on to tell me that they wanted me to teach the Sunbeams...the new little ones...the ones I was glad to see leave nursery....they were now MINE! Did they not understand that I have a toddler at home that I am with ALL day EVERY day and 2 hours on sunday was the only time I didnt have to take care of a little one? I accepeted but left the building bawling. The whole way home cade kept asking, "what is wrong mom...?" It was really sweet but still didn't stop the tears.
After A LOT of soul searching and prayer I came to understand that this is what I need, this is what the Lord needs, and this is what these little sunbeams need. As the week went on I continued to prepare my lesson, gather toys and crayons and my nerves continued to get more frazzled. For some reason I can get up in a room filled with sisters and teach with no problem but the idea of 6 3-year-olds scared me to death. However, I must say that sunday was a success. I LOVED it! The kids were so good and so much fun. I loved listening to them, playing with them, attempting to teach them but mostly loving them. As soon as I entered that primary room I was consumed with so much love for these little sunbeams and all of a sudden the wiggling, the moving chairs, the standing up and sitting down became endearing not frustrating. It is amazing how the Lord works and that He knows exactly what we need and when we need it...even if it takes a while for us to come around!

Here is the latest tummy watch. It is really for my mom and grandma. I have had several requests from those far away for an update. So you can see... 15 weeks and already poking out. You gotta love it! Cade also always loved to get in on the action!

Monday, January 7, 2008


The time has come to sit down and relive our trip to Disney. We had such a fun time going to "Mickeys house" as Cade called it. It was just so magical. Disneyland is always fun and magic filled however I must say that there is nothing like it during Christmas time. We had somewhat of a difficult time starting out with delayed flights and a little airport confusion but once we pulled up to the hotel all the stress and confusion was replaced with childhood excitement, mostly from me!

Cade was great on the airplane and slept most of the way. He was so excited to go on a "Giant airplane!" and would point out all of them that he saw.

Our first destination once we reached the park was Mickeys house. Cade has been so into mickey and friends lately that I was so excited to introduce them. We waited for the guest of honor for about an hour which in reality was very very quick considering the shortest line I saw for "Small World" was 3 hours. The park was magical but VERY busy. Cade loved to see Mickey, despite how he looks in the picture, and only referred to him as Mick for the rest of the trip. Side note: I am only posting this picture because it was a highlight or it would be filed away under "chubby prego pictures NEVER to be seen."

Within about 10 minutes of being in the park Cade found the only spot in the whole park I did not want the water. It was a very cold day but he didn't seem to mind and was not only trying to drink it but run through and jump over it too.

We had to stop for a treat of their famous rice crispy treats that are loved by my mom and grandma. They are huge and I think that Cade and I polished almost all of it by ourselves, hence the chubby cheeks I suppose. It was yummy but I must admit that my mom makes them better than the mouse.

Cade insisted on driving all of the cars though out the park. He loved them and spent hours saying, "beep, beep, excuse me!" Although he is wearing the same sweatshirt they are different days. I didn't come as prepared as I should have been for the cold and we all spent the whole trip in the same sweatshirts and hoodies.

We went on Buzz Lightyear ride originally thinking that Cade would love shooting the guns. He talked about shooting the gun for the whole hour we were in line but once we entered the ride Jared and I took over the shooting and Cade hid in Jareds chest only to leave the ride and ask to do it again.

On Sunday we were able to drive to the San Diego temple and spend some time on the grounds. It was so beautiful and fun that their nativity was still up. Cade loved to look at the baby Jesus and says, "oh, he's Cute!!"

When we had to leave Cade was so sad and kept saying, "Bye angel Moroni, Byyyyyeeeee."

We stopped at a little sea food place on Newport Beach called the Crab Shack. It was so yummy and I am not one for sea food but we all loved the grub! We were also able to spend a little time on the beach. Cade chased the birds and Jared and I just sat back and smiled at his pure innocence. It was one of those moments that you sit back, look at your life, and say "I am completely content and fulfilled with my life."
We also met the bubble man on the beach. He was making huge bubbles and letting Cade chase them down and pop them. It was such a joy and I don't know who had more fun with the bubbles, Cade or Jared.

My camera died on our last morning in Disney so I did not get many pictures. I think that the highlight of our last day was that Cade got to meet Lightening Mcqueen and Mater. He was so excited and was totally in heaven.

We had such a wonderful time and feel so blessed to have had this amazing opportunity. The grounds were decorated, the castle was covered in snow and the music was filled with the Christmas spirit. The firework show was AMAZING! I am usually not one to love fireworks but it was honestly touching, I had tears! It talks about the Christmas spirit and then has snow at the end. So there I was, tears running down my cheeks, standing in the Disneyland snow, and completely filled with the magic of Disney and the spirit of Christmas, it was wonderful. So the only way I know how to describe our trip is Magical... It was magical to share something I love with my little one. It was magical for my marriage and relationship with Jared. It was magical in the way that I felt like a little girl again. It was magical that we could just completely and purely enjoy one another and find fulfillment in our journey. It was just magical! Thanks again Jason and Melissa, this was more than we ever knew we needed!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Boogie Down

Sorry it is sideways, I couldn't figure out how to turn it but I thought you might like a little look into the workings of our 2-year-old! He is just too silly....