Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Q&A... but mostly Q's

Growing up mom always had all the answers...
-What are we having for dinner.... spaghetti.
-Where is my white shirt.... in the laundry.
-Do I really have to go to school today... absolutely.
-Why am I having such a bad day... check your attitude.
-What can we do this weekend... babysit.
-I need a job.... check out Cracker Barrel... (yes, I did get a job there. Ugh!)
-How do I do this math problem... go ask dad.
-I really don't want to study.... lets make a game out of it. (One of the most hilarious and fun studying experiences ever)

All of the questions, dilemmas, quandaries, and difficulties of youth she always had an answer or solution for. I guess I kind of figured that it came with the territory however, now as a mom I often find myself with only having an "I don't know" answer.

-Last time I checked I lived in the desert, so why is it SO humid... I have no idea.
-What is for dinner... Dinner? I have to make dinner again... wasn't last night enough?
-Mom, where are my shoes.... I don't know, where did you take them off?
-Where in the world is Beckams binki... No clue.
-How do all of these couples take vacations together? How do they find the money, time, and babysitters to go.... tried to figure that one our many times and still... I DON'T know!
-Why do you take your kids out to a "fun" breakfast at IHOP only to hear them cry about not being able to go to Mcdonalds... seriously, no idea! (yes, that DID happen this morning)
-How is it that your kids can drive you crazy and make you laugh all at the same time... not sure, but good thing for them... and me.
-How do you fit a growing family in a 2 bedroom condo... hmmm, tricky, but supposedly others have done it.
-How exactly do you entertain little boys in 110 degree weather.... running out of ideas... and money!
-Why is it that I only end up in pictures without makeup on... once again, don't know.

So, in the end I guess I have come to accept the fact that even as a mom I don't even come close to having all the answers. Apparently mom mom didn't either, but she sure faked it well. I guess that is the beauty of kids being young... they don't know that you are clueless.

What are you clueless about... hopefully I am not the only one!
And any answers are welcome too...

Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy "B"elated Birthday

I had great plans of having a fantastic shoot of this little guy eating cake.  I have thought about and planned it for over a year now.  However, although I made preparations things did not pan out as planned.  I had wanted to wait to post his "12 month" milestones until I had the pictures but at this rate... he will be 15 before I get it done.  So, will I admit that second kids totally get gypped... absolutely!
Beckam is such a little love.  He is the tender child that I have been waiting for.  He brings so much peace and contentment to our home.  Beckam has been good to soften Cade up and Cade has been good to strengthen Beckam. 
So here it is Beck-

12 Months
-You love to flirt.  You will talk, squeal, smile, and do whatever it takes to get people to notice and fall in love with you.
-You love to pull things out of drawers and cupboards.  You also love to push the button on the water cooler and watch it ALL come spilling out.  Thank heavens for child proof locks!
-You finally started crawling the right way... a few days before your birthday.
-You love to sleep... still.  However, you have to have your blanket to give up easily or else you fight it to the bitter end.
-You hate being in your car seat for an extended period of time.
-You are finally starting to eat better.  You went through a phase when you would only eat oatmeal, yogurt, and fruit.  You have now expanded your palate... thank heavens!
-You have a piercing, ear shattering, stop the world scream.  You sound like a 12-year-old girl.  But hey, when you have an almost 4-year-old brother you have to have something to keep you alive!
- Your giggle is contagious.
-You love to snuggle.  You will snuggle with anyone and everyone that is willing.  
-At church you love to sprawl out in the middle of the hall and just lay there and jabber.  
- You absolutely love the water and honestly think that you can swim.  It is a little scary how willing you are to crawl to the edge, turn around, and plop yourself in.  If you could spend the whole day in the pool you would.
-You always head for the stairs.  You love to go up and down and are really good about turning around and doing it the right way.
-You love to give kisses.  You will plant one right on our mouth (usually with yours open and slobbery) and then you will say "kisses" in a high voice.
-You always have comments on your hair... it seems to be your trade mark.  Whenever you see the spray bottle coming your way, to have your hair combed, you hold your breath and cover your face, even if it isn't your turn to have your hair done.
-You love your brother.  He can always make you happy and you love to follow him around.
-You are starting to get some more teeth which equals misery for you.
-You will pull yourself to standing on everything.  You have taken a few steps in the pool and like to hold onto strollers to try to walk but you will not stand on your own.
-You love anything that you can feed to yourself.  Watermelon is one of your favorites, however you usually opt to eat the rind first.
-You are starting to show a little sassy streak.  It is kind of sad but kind of funny at the same time.  You are definitely finding your own independence.
-At the doctor you 
measured 31 inches
weighed 23.2 pounds
measured 47 cm head circumference
-You love to try and drink the water at the sprinkler park.  You will sit in the middle where all the water runs to and try to lick it off the ground.  Gross!
-You are a sensitive soul and can have your feelings hurt easily.  However, you can quickly turn the tears into laughter and hugs.
-You can turn anyones bad, grumpy mood around by a simple hug, especially your daddy.
-Your favorite toy are our cell phones.  You love to eat them, slobber on them, and yell into them.
-You wear size 18-24 months.
-You have buns of steal and big fat bear paws for feet.
-You will always grab for peoples noses first.  
-You race to the door when daddy gets home from work.  If he does not hug you first your feelings get hurt until he picks you up for hugs. 
-You are so ticklish....every where.

We love you our little Beckam and are SO thankful to have you in our family.  You have made us so happy and we are so proud of you.  Happy Birthday little guy!

Monday, July 6, 2009

These 3 made my parents Grandparents

and they couldn't be happier.  My little sister had her cute baby 7 weeks ago and confirmed the fact that we all already knew... my mom and dad would be the best grandparents ever.  My dad was in Utah when we went to visit and he took Cade and Beckam out for "junior alpha kid day" and I am not sure who had more fun, the boys or him.  Cade could not get enough of him.  They ate doughnuts together, they fixed the sprinkler together, they told stories together, they went to home depot together, they ate crown burger together.  I never had to wonder where Cade was.  
And as you can also see... we only do boys... go figure!  My mom and dad had to wait for their last 2 kids to have boys but now have been bombarded by testosterone!

Speaking of grandparents... 

I also got to spend time with My grandparents.  I honestly lived a charmed childhood complete with amazing grandparents.  I spent many memorable moments with my grandma and grandpa and still look forward to the time that I get to see them.  They are so wonderful and such good examples to me.  I love you two!