Thursday, May 28, 2009

5 Years

Yesterday marked our 5 year wedding anniversary.  
This week has been an interesting week for me.  The lesson that I have been preparing for young women's this weekend has been on temple marriage and I was also asked to be in a fashion show for Allyse's Bridal this Saturday, so needless to say I have had "marriage" on the mind.  
I have gone back and forth trying to decide how to acknowledge this wonderful event in my life.  I thought I could just share our story... but I am sure everyone that reads this blog already knows it.
Then I thought I could make a list of what I have learned being married for 5 years... but I just did a list.
Then I thought that I could list all the reasons I love my husband... but I did that already too.

As Jared and I sat last night and looked at our wedding album and read the notes that were written to us by those in attendance of our sealing I knew what I wanted to do.  Honestly, that day was a blur, swirled with so much excitement, nerves (by some more than others), butterflies, kisses, and just out right love that I don't remember many of the words that were said, only the feelings.  However, lucky for me my sweet sister-in-law had everyone write down what they remembered about the sealing.  The sealer gave us some amazing advice that has always echoed in my mind and filled my heart with warm feelings.  It is on every wedding anniversary that I get to once again connect those constant feelings with the familiar council that seems to fade through the year.  

Our sealer counseled us with these wise words...
-Only shout if the house is burning and leave the pouting to the little ones.  Don't shout or pout.
-Don't ever go to bed angry.
-It doesn't matter who is right only what is right.
-Don't shame or blame.
-You don't always get your way but you still get your say.

How blessed I feel to have been married in Gods holy temple and to know that I get to be with my sweet husband and our precious babies not only now but for forever.  What an honor it is to be a wife and a mother.  
I love you my sweet Jared and thank you for living your life in a way that allowed us to go to the temple together and seal our family for time and all eternity.  
Happy Anniversary.
I love you.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Was what I heard when I turned around this morning and saw Cade standing in front of me.  He continued with, "I got dressed all my by self, (all by myself), mom!"  Not only did he get dressed all by himself but he also bathed himself, from start to finish.  Thus using a whole bottle of shampoo because the "bubbles are so fun" according to him.  However, despite the bubbles I was really proud of my little guy for being so independent.  My favorite part....
...his one inside out, one right side out, red and blue striped socks with his shorts.  You have to love that preschoolers just wear what they feel cool in, not what others tell them is cool.  Love it!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

30 Years Ago Today...

The world changed forever.  

These two little guys were placed in their parents arms and I am sure the doctors wished them luck.

As they grew they played together, they fought together(each other actually),
 they laughed together, they got into mischief together...

They chased girls together, they broke hearts together,
they had hearts broken and healed together, they learned the ins and outs of life together...

They goofed around together, they tried to pick up on girls together,
they worked together, they supported and bagged on each other...

But in the end...

they changed the world together.

I feel so blessed to have these two guys in my life.  When Jared and I got married the sealer said to me, before going into the sealing room, "you marry twins and it is like getting 2 husbands.  You need double the food, you clean up double the mess but you also get double the laughs."  I Have not been disappointed.

You two are amazing guys that I am blessed to call "my family."  Growing up I  always wanted a big brother and little did I know that I would get one that would be a carbon copy of my husband.  Love you Josh.
Jared is my greatest hero, my best friend, and my rock.  I am daily amazed at who he is and who he is continually becoming.  I love you, my sweet.

Happy birthday to 2 of the most special guys in my life.
Glad you have each other.
Even more glad I have you.

Beckam: 11 months

It really is that time again.  My baby keeps getting bigger and bigger as time continues to go faster and faster.  There are so many things we want to remember about you as your personality continues to burst with goodness and peace.

- You love everything with a light on it.  You seem to find all the little corners that offer that excitement.  The night lights, the DSL cable modem, the power strip light, the light that creeps in from under a door.  You always find them and are amazed by it for a good amount of time.
-You still army crawl but only push off with one foot.  Daddy calls it the "wounded solider crawl"  It gets you to where you need to be and you are happy.
-You clap for everyone and are so proud of yourself when you do.
-You love to splash in the pool and try to stand on the steps.

-You are getting a little bit better at not freaking out when people leave the room.... kind of.
-You love to look at your reflection in the stainless steel garbage can.  You will try and touch and talk to the baby looking back at you.
-You talk and babble all day long.  Your favorite words- dada and Ba
-You love to snuggle and will snuggle with anyone who is willing to hold you.
-You sleep until usually 8:30 every morning but it isn't unusual for mommy to wake you up at 9:00am either.
-You will always snuggle up and let mommy hug you when you wake up.
-You are so silly about your food and we usually have to disguise your food with yogurt or cottage cheese.
-You absolutely love to try and drink from a cup.  You get giddy and giggle when you see a cup coming your way.
-Your favorite toy at the moment is any one of Cades sippy cups.  You don't get super excited about yours but you love Cades even though you don't know how to drink out of them.

-You have 7 teeth.
You can pull yourself to standing when you are in the tubby and it scares mommy to death.
-To sit yourself up you do the splits and walk your hands up.  You are one of the most flexible babies I have ever met.
-You absolutely love fruit.
- When we lay you down to sleep you will pull your blanket over your head and put your legs straight up in the air.
-You are the biggest smile bug I have ever met. 
We love you big guy!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cade Originals

-April 2009-
- We were driving in the car and Cade says, "mom, I am 6." I laughed and said, "no you aren't silly, you are 3." And he replies, "yeah, I know, but I was born to be 6."
-Jared came home from basketball and was sweaty and smelly. Cade ran up to give him a hug and stopped dead in his tracks and says, "whoa, stink!"
-I was feeding Beckam breakfast and had to put down the bowl and get something out of the sink.  Once I turned back to give him another bite Cade was sitting next to him, shoving the spoon in Beckams mouth and then says, "Hey, check it out, I am helping!"
-After getting dressed for church on Sunday Cade ran into the bathroom, stood in front of the mirror, rubs his shirt and says, "Wow, I am looking sharp!"
-For easter the boys got some "sports eggs."  They were little footballs, baseballs, and basketballs that come apart into 2 pieces.  Cade has been playing with them for weeks.  The other day he was in the tub with one of the baseballs and took it apart.  He held both pieces up to his chest and says, "Hey look mom!  I have chest-i-sas like you!"
-We pulled into the Costco parking lot and as soon as I turned off the car Cade unbuckled his seat belt and said, "lets rock and roll, baby!"
-Cade is ALWAYS singing "I like to movie it, move it" from Madagasgar.  Usually at the top of his lungs in the middle of the store.  He usually gets smiles... usually.
-We had music on the other day and I hear Cade call me from the other room.  Once I got to where he was he says, "hey, check out these moves!"  and starts to dance.  It was great.

--I love you my little Cadeo.  You always keep me smiling and laughing.  You are truly one of a kind!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Take Me out to the Ball Game

The days of early games, spraying and bleaching white pants, and cheering on "the Pirates" have officially entered my life.  We have had so much fun watching Cade play T-ball.  He honestly thinks he is the coolest kid when he is out on the field and is really pretty good at "staying in the game."  Most of the kids on the team are playing in the grass or dirt within the first 15 minutes but Cade is right there chasing the balls down and dying to hit.  The first game he was the last to hit so he got to run all the bases.  He gets so excited and focused when he runs that he ran past the kids that were in front of him and once he hit home base he tuned to Jared and yelled at the top of his lungs, "HOME RUN, dad!!"

On Saturday the boys were waiting so patiently for their turn to bat.  Cade insists, (really Jared insists), on using his own bat.  All the boys were all in line talking about Cades bat and the  next thing I knew they decided it was a gun and the boys were aliens....  

...this is was what I saw next.  They have such fun imaginations!

We have all loved T-ball, 8 am games and all, but most of all...
Cade has loved the treats!

Friday, May 1, 2009

As Cade would say...

  "Lets Rock and Roll!"
The time has come and I am officially open for business! Whohoo!
For the first month of getting started I will be running a promotion.
Sitting fee will be $60.00 for an hour(ish) session at an outdoor location of your choice.  Newborns can be photographed inside.
While I am working on getting my previewing website up I will be including a CD with 10-15 pictures that you can have printed wherever you would like.  I do have a printer that I like to send my pictures to and would be happy to work with you to get them printed there.  

I am so excited to get going.  There is nothing like looking through the lens.  To see the smiles, to tears, the giggles, the hugs, the real life.  It is amazing to me how quickly time can pass us by but how long the memories can linger in our hearts.  It brings me so much happiness to look back on photographs and remember...  remember the thrill of high school graduation, the butterflies of my wedding day, the calm of a newborn sleeping in my arms, the excitement of the first t-ball game, the warmth of my family, the joy in the small and simple moments.  
I would love to help you capture those moments... 
I can be contacted at 
0r check out the blog at
Pass along the message to anyone who might be interested....  thanks so much!!