Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Average who?

Went to the doctor for the boys yearly check ups.
Cade 4 years
Height- 42 inches (75%) He jumped up and said "yes! I am getting so big!" when the nurse told him how tall he was.
Weight- 39.5 pounds (75%)

Beckam 15 months
Height- 32 inches (50%)
Weight- 25 pounds (50%)
Head circumference- 48cm (50%)
(and finally walking)

All I would like to know is who the heck are they measuring to get their percentiles because Cade is not a 75% and Beckam is definitely not a 50%....
have you held the kid!?

They both had to face the mean nurse with the shots. Beckam was quickly calmed with a sucker afterwards. Cade on the other hand... well he is still nursing his "wounds" when it is convenient (i.e. chore time, bed time, and when there are no friends to play with) I guess milk the sympathy as long as you can, right.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

2 Stories and Lots of pictures

The other day Beckam somehow got an apple out of the fridge (Cade claims Beckam did it by himself however I think he was assisted by a certain someone) and went to town. He chowed on that apple as if he had never eaten before and was as protective of it as a mother bear. I could not resist the urge to pull out the camera and capture all the little details of his 15 months.

Just as I was "admiring" his "I can walk but am too stubborn to" legs. (yes, my 15 month old still prefers to crawl. ugh!)

I hear Cade start yelling for me in the house. Since that is a common occurrence in our house I did not feel too urgent about it. Until...
I saw him come tearing out the door saying, "mom, you have got to come quick and see this!" I ask him what is wrong and he starts spewing out details having to do with a hotdog, the microwave, and a big bang.
I couldn't help but smile/shake my head. As I entered the house I immediately smell hotdog. Cade runs to the microwave and says, "see mom, see mom, it blew up!" Apparently he had taken his hunger into his own hands for the 10 minutes I was outside and gotten a hotdog for himself. Minor detail: microwave and not knowing his large numbers. Sure enough... it burst. All over. yum.
Beckam didn't mind though. He had his apple. He got every penny out of it.

This morning we headed out for some mini races at the Rec center.
Needless to say Cade was pumped and took "fire up your engines" rather seriously. As soon as "go" was said he took off and peddled as fast as his little legs would go.

He took first place in a few races and tied a few others. It was really fun to watch him think he was in the Indianapolis 500.

Way to go bud.
There is nothing like being a mom of 2 boys.