Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Down... set... hike.


A few months ago the boys pulled out Jareds old football jerseys.
They loved them.
They ran, they threw, they caught, they tackled, they thought they were hot stuff.
Jared was loving every minute of having his boys wear his gear... and think that their dad played for the "orange BYU cougars."
I decided that it was as good as time as any to head out with my camera and capture them walking running in their daddys footsteps.


I love that they both have such different personalities. Such different ways of approaching life.
Beckam is cool, calm, collected. If something bothers him he can brush it off until it really gets to him, he will have a major blow up for a minute, and then is done and moves on.
He loves to observe life. Take it all in. Soak it all up and then act.


Cade on the other hand runs into life head first, doesn't think, just goes.
Sometimes it works.
Sometimes it doesn't.
But there is never any shortage of entertainment and excitement in his life.
He is all competition. Working hard to do better than the last time. Taking life by the horns and living every single moment to its fullest.


Needless to say we are VERY excited to meet this little girl and learn more about who she is.
She is already a wiggler... especially at night... all night.
She loves to sit as low as she can possibly get. I am hoping it will maybe make getting her here a little faster :)
And she is already loved, adored, and cherished by her crazy older brothers.
26 weeks and counting. Can't wait!