Saturday, December 17, 2011


Jump for joy...

Christmas is here.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Trouble? Yes.

Do you really need to ask?
It is Beckam.... middle name mischief.
He found markers at Jason and Melissa's house and just couldn't resist. 
I couldn't resist having to turn around to hide my laughter when looking at him.
These pictures were actually the next morning after breakfast so it had worn quite a bit. {yes, I did let him sleep, eat, and play with it all over his face.  Bad mom? Maybe. But it made me laugh.}
Apparently he did not notice it was there until he saw his reflection in the bathtub faucet.  It was great.
Seriously love this little boy.
I often shake my head and wonder what on earth happens in that little brain of his but he sure keeps things interesting fun around here.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Happy birthday, little lady

It happened.  About 1 month ago {ahem, yep slacker} my baby turned 1.  Cannot believe it, then again it feels like it has always been.  I have been smitten with this little lady since the moment I met her.

It has been such a joy to watch her learn and grow.  It is truly fascinating how a little girl can be so vastly different from her brothers but also fit so perfectly.  She is full of love, smiles and so much joy.  She has filled a void in me that I did not even know existed until she was born and I felt so much more whole. 
She does have a bit of shyness in her that is typically only manifest in large, unfamiliar groups {unfortunately, just like her mama.}  She loves to observe and cautiously join, until she is comfortable.   However, her eyes always sparkle with so much happiness.  It makes my heart happy to see her.

It has been such a joy to have her in our family.  We all adore her and cannot get enough of her.
Things to remember-
-You are this close to walking.  You will walk on your knees or holding someone's hand but not on your own quite yet. {mom, and you tights, hope you start soon}
-You talk all.the.time.  It is so so so cute to listen to you jabber.  I think you sound like a little martian with your words.  Love it.
-When you get shy you will put your head down and your hands over your ears.
-Your hair can finally hold a clip by its self.  It usually stays.... until you realize it is there and pull it out to chew on.
-You love to smile at everyone.  You know when you are the center of attention and soak it in.
-You have the best belly laugh.
-You climb on and pull out everything.
-Your favorite thing, that you cannot have, is moms wallet.
-At 12 months you weighed 20lbs and were 30 inches tall.  

Sure do adore you, little lady!