Saturday, June 26, 2010


The mystery is over and I was totally proved wrong. After MULTIPLE checks, sure enough, Cade and Beckam will have a little sister to watch over, protect, and torment.
I cannot believe that a little girl is heading our way!
We are so so SO excited and have already started in on a list of girl names and purchased several pink outfits.
Cade was the only one that knew for sure he would have a little sister and has already decided that he is going to name her Sissy.

Not too much longer until I get to hold my little daughter in my arms {squeal}. Still cannot get used to using the terms her, she, and little girl!

So here we go on a whole new journey!
{Can't Wait!}

Sunday, June 6, 2010


It has been a crazy couple of days months around here. I feel like I have spent a ridiculous amount of time on the computer and yet have done nothing with my blog. You can check out my photography blog to catch a glimpse of what I have been able to work with... I know. don't be too jealous.

So here is a quick recap of what is happening over here in our neck of the woods.


Cade has been doing well and keeping busy. He has already spent many hours in the pool and is really excited to start swim lessons on Monday. He is convinced that he will be teaching the class but none the less is excited to spend more time in the pool. He has recently decided that he is a "model." Every time my camera comes out, which is rare these days for my own family, he will bust out his GQ face and give me all sorts of poses. It is hilarious. So needless to say, the only way I can get a real smile out of him is to mention something about boogers... gotta love little boys! So predictable.
Cade also just graduated from preschool. I cannot believe that he is growing up so fast. He was not a fan of letters but LOVES numbers. He is now starting to realize that letters actually make words and so is warming up to the idea of actually learning and remembering all his letters. It makes me laugh to hear the things that he comes up with for me to tell him how to spell.
September '09 May '10


Beckam is doing wonderful and still as sweet as ever. He truly makes my heart happy. He will always hold my hand and loves to give hugs and kisses to everyone. One of his true loves is food. He loves to have snacks and take them around in a plastic bag along with his sippy cup. He is quickly nearing his 2nd birthday and I cannot believe that he is not a baby any more. He still doesn't use many words but is oddly one the best communicators and listeners I have ever met.
He has recently discovered how to pack things around. His 2 favorite ways to haul his "trinkets" are either his dump truck that he will push all over the place or his pockets. He gets so disappointed in the morning time when he has jammies on because there are no pockets for his toys.
The other day when I did all of our laundry I came up with 3 cars, 2 army guys, 1 bakugan, a mini water gun and a binki out of his pockets. He loves his pockets and it always makes me smile.

Baby #3

Baby #3 is on its way and making me bigger than ever.... the things we do for these little ones! I am currently 16 weeks and the baby is the size of an avocado. So far this pregnancy has been the easiest of all... don't know if that is good or if it means that I am in for a child to make up for the ease but either way I feel blessed to feel good. We find out on the 27th of June what this little "avocado" is. Jared and I are both betting boy but I thought the other 2 would be girls... so much for my "mothers intuition."


(yes the picture is blurry... another one of cades discovered "talents" is a photographer. He is a little shaky but I love the picture and he is a crack up to listen to "direct" photos.)
This handsome young man turned 31 in May.... wow! We had a small birthday celebration for him and the boys truly enjoyed shouting "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!" to him every chance they got. We also celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary in May. Jared surprised me by taking me to the JW Marriot for the night and treating me to a night out on the town. He is such a good husband. He has been busier than ever and we couldn't be any more proud of him. We are all looking forward to the evenings we will get to spend with him at the pool now that it is light and hot when he gets home from work.


(Once again, Cades photo. He directed me to be a ninja... here are my punches. He was happy and it made me laugh.)

I am doing well. I have spent a great deal of time with my camera and some amazing families, lots of fun. I have also spent a lot of my mental energy on trying to figure out, "what's next." We have sold our condo and have been trying to find a house to rent for a while. I thought that it would be so easy to just pick something... I was wrong. I know we will find something but in the mean time I feel like I am touring all the homes and neighborhoods of Henderson.
I have also been stressing over what to do with Cade next year. Although I am SO ready for him to start kindergarten we both know that he isn't quite ready yet. So that leads me to solving another dilemma... where to take him to preschool. Still don't know. Oh the decisions of a mother.

Now that summer, and 110 degrees, are upon us I have been trying to be creative and take the boys on adventures. We have recently gotten snow cones, (lots of them),
visited the pet store (Cade leaving in tears because a dog didnt leave with us)
and spent a great deal of time at the pool (hello sunscreen and chlorine).
We are all REALLY looking forward to our summer vacations and being able to spend time with our family!!

Happy Summer to everyone!