Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We are back... for now

I have been so out of touch with the world these past few weeks.  I spent 4 days at girls camp with no phone service and then went straight to California where the service was patchy and I had no computer.  So not only do I have laundry, cleaning, and phone calls to catch up on but all of the "important" computer stuff too.
So here is a quick recap before we head off to Utah for the 4th.
We had a fantastic time at the beach with Jareds family.  Minus the 4 hour drive turning into about 7 hours with a screaming baby added into the mix the trip went relatively smoothly.

We played in the sand. 
Jared built a rather cool sand castle, that did not get photographed because the tide got to it first... bummer!  He was really proud of it though!

We ate sand... well some of us did anyway.
Beckam preferred to eat the sand rather than build with it...  He especially loved the rocks and seaweed... Gross!  I love that you can see sand on his nose and around his mouth in this picture.  That was basically him all week.

We rode rides at Disney.  
Beckam loved the merry-go-round and Cade braved Space Mountain.  I do not think he will EVER go on a roller coaster again but I was really proud of him and had a fun time watching him be brave.
We ate cake.  
We celebrated Beckams birthday on the morning we left because we were going, going, going every other moment there.  He loved his cake and had no fear digging right in.
We took naps.  
Cade played so hard that he actually fell asleep on the beach several times.  We are still working on catching up on sleep but definitely made the most of every moment.

We played in the water.
I am pretty sure that Cade was wet more than he was dry.  He did not care what he had on, as soon as he saw the water he was in it.  The only thing he hated was having sand in his flip flops so needless to say he was barefoot most of the trip.

We had plain old fun.
We played games, we ate food, we walked the beach and the pier, we shopped, we laughed, we played jokes, we talked, we told stories, we enjoyed the beach,  and the relaxation but most of all we enjoyed each other.

There are so many other stories and moments to share but as of now it is 1am and I am exhausted.  So, for now this will have to do.  
Thank you to our family for making this week so memorable and exciting.  We cannot wait until next year when we get to do it again!
We love you all!

Monday, June 15, 2009

To be a Lady

I honestly and truly should be in bed right now... I have to be up in 5 hours.  However, here I sit typing away, go figure.  Not much exciting is happening around here.  We are definitely in the throws of summer complete with traveling, summer camps, swimming lessons and the such.  I feel like life is one great big juggling act at the moment however I am so thankful that I have my sweet family there to help keep everything up in the air and working smoothly.
I cannot believe that Beckam will be 1 in a matter of days... baffling!  Time goes by so quickly however at the same time it feels like it stands so still.
I have been working on a workshop that I will be teaching at girls camp this week.  They asked me to teach about self presentation.  I have allowed this topic to swirl around in my head and the thing that has become so apparent to me is how easy it is to allow clothes, attitudes, language, etc. to mask who we are and how we feel inside.  How easy it is to get caught up in what is "in style," "popular," "normal," that we forget to hold on and stay true to who we really are on the inside, to allow US to shine through and not what others say should be presented.  
In Proverbs it teaches that the price of a virtuous woman is far above rubies (proverbs 31:10) and then it continues on to say, "Strength and honor are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in time to come" (Proverbs 31:25).  What a beautiful and inspiring teaching.  
Strength and honor. 
 I want to be strong and honorable.  Not only strong and honorable but a strong and honorable Woman.  What an honor and a gift it is to be a woman.  
We have the opportunity to partake of the many pleasures of the world.  The Lord has given us many comforts, leisures, and perks of living in the modern day.  Things that are fun and good to partake in.  However, along with partaking it is in our hands to not allow ourselves to BE taken but to clothe ourselves in strength and honor.  To avoid the distractions and still Present ourselves in a way that is becoming.  In our dress, in our words, in our actions and then we will "rejoice in time to come."
What a blessing and an honor it is to know that God lives.  To know that I am a daughter of Him.  To know that it is a blessing to be a woman.  To know that I can be strong and honorable at all times, in all things, and in all places. 
What a joy.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Nothing like Rexburg

I have been a bit MIA lately... and it is only the beginning!  I had the amazing opportunity to go spend some time with my cute sister, her sweet husband, and my adorable, love able, kissable, little nephew, Maddux.  Beckam and I flew to Rexburg and spent a fun, rainy, full of reminiscing weekend with them.  Love you guys!
I will be home for a few days and then off to girls camp and then to California with Jared's family and then Utah for the 4th.  Quite hectic but I am looking forward to it.  Hopefully I will have more pictures and stories to post soon with the upcoming of my baby Beckam's first birthday, Cade's first talk in primary, Jared's journey with P90X and my attempt to figure out my new camera!  Lots of firsts and lots of fun.  So until then... enjoy this cute family that I get to call mine!