Monday, February 23, 2009

Beckam: 8 months

-You wake up so happy! Your little arms and legs get going a million miles an hour and your whole body bounces up and down.
-You have a fantastic laugh. It comes clear from your toes.
-You love your brother and your daddy. Your eyes light up when they walk into the room.
-You get SO jealous when we are eating things you cannot have. You try so hard to get the food out of Cades hands.
-You have 2 top and 2 bottom teeth with one more almost popped through. Teething has not been a fun experience for you!
-You can only see your scar when your hair is wet.
-You are a very relaxed kid but you don't hesitate to let us know when you want something. You can be very sassy when you want to be.
-You have not been too interested in crawling but you always want to see things.
-You finally like your big boy car seat. You used to hate it.
-You often get to be the "big boy" when playing with Cade because he always calls the "baby" roll. Therefore you spend a great deal of time having mommy pretend walk you through the house.
-You are always trying to grab things that are around you.
-Your favorite toy is the Tylenol bottle.
-You can usually only stay awake for about 2 hours until you are begging for a nap.
-Your are probably kissed more than any other baby ever has been.
We Love you big guy!

Cade Originals- January

January 2009
- Cade decided that it was his turn to say prayers for lunch. He bows his head and says, "Dear Heavenly Father" and then silence...silence...silence. I pipe in and say, "just tell Him what you love." He then quickly speaks up and says, "Jesus.... I really want another skateboard."
-We were at my sister-in-laws house and Cade came into the room to tattle on one of his cousins to which Jared replies, "Cade we don't like tattle tails." Cade looks at him, kind of confused, and says, "but I like dragons..." and walks away.
-Whenever the boys play and Beckam drools on Cade, Cade will wipe his face and say, "ahhhh, he SLIMMED me!"

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How Did I Get so Lucky?

Oh how I love these little boys...

And how they love each other!
(click to make them big...they are way cuter)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Little Did I Know

This week 5 years ago I met him. He was sweet, charming, and completely unexpected.

Our first date was on a Thursday... I oddly felt like I was with my long lost best friend.

On Sunday I met his family... and was awestruck by how much he loved them and how much they loved him.

And by Friday I knew only 2 things...
1. I was completely and utterly in love with this boy... and...
2. Marrying him would be the best decision I would ever make.

Here I am now 5 years later. I know a lot more now but would I have ever expected my journey to lead me here...?
Would I do it all over again...?

I love you...
crazy and all.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


While Cade was in Utah spending time with Jareds family I toyed with the idea of taking him out of preschool because life was so hectic on Tuesday and Thursday mornings since his school is about 20 minutes away. I thought about just having both of my boys home and forgetting about school for a bit. However, the more that I thought about it and as soon as Cade came home I remembered how good preschool is for him. Socially he as excelled and thrived on those 4 hours a week that he can be with friends, learn how to be the leader, learn his letters, colors, dance, draw, and play. He has done so well and I almost felt guilty for even thinking about taking him out.
Last night Cade and I went on a special Valentines date. We went to pick out all his valentine cards and candy for his friends at school and special gifts for his teachers. We talked all about his valentines party on Thursday and he could hardly contain his excitement. His excitement and enthusiasm was contagious and so I woke up this morning with a renewed drive and energy. I went to the gym early and got showered and ready before the boys needed to be up. We spent the morning making breakfast, singing songs, and getting ready to go back to school. I had plans to drop of Cade, run to the store and get home in enough time to put Beckam down and do a little bit of scripture study before picking Cade up. As we stood in line to go into class I was feeling like I had finally gotten it together. We were not only there but we were there early and happy. As I reached the door and tried to sign him in I couldn't find his name on the list. I thought it was strange and so did the teachers, who were so excited to see that Cade had made it back to class. I was directed to another lady who quickly, and not so nicely, told me that I hadn't paid and so they gave his spot away. I was floored because I was sure that I had paid. She sent me to the front so I left Cade with his class sure that I would get it all straightened out. We searched records and talked to the principal and sure enough... I forgot to pay. I thought about it a million times and was positive that I had paid before we left on our Utah trip but there was no record. They told me that there was nothing that they could do because someone else was already occupying Cades spot. I stood there in tears as she told me that I could register for next year starting in July. I tried to smile, say thank you, and make the tearful walk to Cades class.
As I knocked on the classroom door I could feel the tears burning because I felt so bad that I had made such a dumb mistake that not only made me feel sad but I knew would effect Cade too. The teacher opened the door, told me to come in and asked if I was okay. I told her what had happened and had Cade say goodbye. The whole time Cade kept saying, "mom, I am not done yet. We haven't colored or sang songs its not time to go." My heart broke. As we walked into the hall Cade said, "I am sorry I don't have a picture for you today, mommy." I felt awful and cried the whole way to the car.
I hoped that I would check my records when we got home and find that I had actually paid however as I searched and searched my bank statements... nothing.
I know that Cade is only 3, it isn't that big of a deal if he is in school or not but I feel awful that he no longer has the opportunity because of a stupid mistake. I will never forget his sad little face looking up at me from his table telling me that it wasn't time to leave yet.
As I have cried, prayed, gotten frustrated, talked out, cried again, and allowed this whole situation to roll through my brain today there are times I feel sick because I want him to have that happiness so badly. However, I am looking forward to my time with him. I have come to appreciate him even more over the past few weeks. His witty personality, his sweetness, how sincere he is, how he can make me laugh. I am thankful that I do get to hold onto a little bit more of his childhood before he has to head off into the big world. I can only imagine how sad our Father in Heaven feels when he knows that we are missing out on so much potential happiness, growth, and joy. I am however, thankful that I have the opportunity to learn from and grow because of some of His sweet spirits even if I do make dumb mistakes.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Little Thing we Call... 10 Days in Utah

We said "hello" to our favorite future missionary... "Elder Nielson." Who sang Called to Serve the whole 10 days including in the MTC parking lot at the top of his lungs.

We said "good-bye" to our favorite current missionary... Elder Williams. My adorable and amazing little brother who will be serving in the Santa Rosa, California mission.

We "showered" said "We are ready" to our soon to be little nephew who will be joining our family in May. (by the way I made the diaper cake and the quilt! Can you believe it! I cant! I did have a bit of help, okay a lot of help, on the quilt from this fantastic lady but I think I might have caught the quilting bug!)

I said "you know you love to have your picture taken" to all of my cousins, brothers, sisters, parents, aunts, uncles... all of them.

And Beckam... He was just happy and content to play with his new favorite toy...
His toes!