Friday, November 30, 2012

Indy| month 2&3

Month 2 and 3

-You started sleeping 9 hours at 9 weeks {pure bliss}
-You are the happiest little lady and only cry when you are hungry
-You are a smiler
-You drool all.the.time.
-You rolled over from your tummy at 3 months
-You love to be on your tummy
-You drink 4-5 ounces per feeding
-You still really hate your car seat
-You get the saddest little face when you hear Capri cry
-Your brothers and sister adore you
-You love to snuggle
-You are always sticking your tongue out
-Your cry is little.  You sound like a little mouse
-You sweat like crazy when you cry
-At 3 months you weighed 11.9 lbs {10-25%} and were 23.5 inches {25%}
-You got to meet your cousin Macy.  So much fun.

We love you little lady!

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