Friday, September 28, 2012

Indy | month 1

My dear sweet Indy
you have made it to 1 month and melted our hearts along the way.

I was a little nervous to see how Capri would take to you but she has become a little mama to you.  She adores you.  She cherishes you.  She insists on kissing you on top of the head at
least 30 times a day.  She is going to be your best friend.

You eat like a bird and tend to fall asleep while doing it.  You eat every 3 hours and we get super excited when you are able to finish 3 ounces.  
You are the best cuddler.  Everyone loves to hold you because you are able to just melt into them.  It is a joy.
You hate, hate, hate your car seat and you are not afraid to let us know you are unhappy with it.
You have the cutest, longest toes.  You can thank your great great grandpa and your uma for that one.

The boys had the hardest time remembering your name at first.  Finally they came up with "cowboys and Indy."  They haven't forgotten since.
Cade loves to hold you in the morning and talk to you.  Beckam always asks if he can "pet" you.  They adore you.
You love your binki {thank heavens} but have a hard time keeping it in your mouth {bummer}.
You just barely made it out of newborn clothes and diapers.
You have an outie belly button.  The boys are fascinated with it.
Mom calls you her "little Indy girl."

 We all adore you, little lady.  
You have brought so much joy into our home.

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