Saturday, June 21, 2008

Guess What I Did This Week...

Beckam Jay Nielson
June 18, 2008
7lb 9oz
21 inches long

Stay Tuned for More Details...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

As of Late

So yesterday we had our Sparkletts water delivered. I usually wait for Jared to come home to put the water on the cooler because I ALWAYS spill and make a mess. However, I was so thirsty yesterday and our water was completely out so I decided to give it another shot. After cleverly maneuvering the 5 gallon bottle around my 36week prego belly I got the water on the cooler with no spills. I was so proud of myself and decided to call Jared and let him in on the news. He didn't answer so I left this message, "Hi sweetheart. I just wanted to let you know that you have the coolest pregnant wife ever! I just put the water on the cooler all by myself and did not spill. I usually make such a mess but not today!! I am just proud of myself and wanted to share my accomplishment with you. Love you."
I hung up the phone and whet about my business until I get a call from a frantic Jared about 10 minutes later.
J: "I'm on my way! Are you ready!?"
L: "Ready? Ready for what?"
J: "To go to the hospital! Your water broke!"
L: "My water broke? No it didn't. What are you talking about?"
J: "Your message said that your water broke"
L: "No it didn't" and I proceed to repeat my previous message
J: "Oh, all I heard was water and spilled and so I headed right out. Man, I thought we were having a baby today!"
L: "Sorry sweetie, no baby today. So did you tell everyone at work that my water broke?"
J: "No, I just left. I couldn't think of anything but getting to you."
L: (giggling) "Well, I guess you better get back before they realize you are MIA."
J: "I know, but a baby would be a lot better!"

I love this man. He can always make me laugh!

I had a baby shower on Saturday and my cute friend Melyna took some pictures of my tummy to display at the shower. So here are more pictures of this tummy of mine, obnoxious I know. Don't worry, only a few more weeks and you wont have to look at my belly any more. The shower was so much fun and so much work and effort went into it. Thank you so much Melissa and Melyna for being so thoughtful and making me feel so special!

Last night I also got to "meet" my blogging friend Beth. Jared just couldnt understand how I could have a friend that I had never met before but it just works you know. It was so much fun to see her and her cute family. Cade decided that her little boy, Will, was his best friend and that he wanted to go back to California with them. When we asked him what Will looked like, before he had met him, he looked at Jared, gave him a look like-are you really asking me this question- and replied, "a little boy like me, dad!" We had a great time! Thanks for stopping by Summers family, we hope to see you again soon and maybe be neighbors one day ;)

So that is what has been happening around here. Life is good. Life is busy. Life is "big."