Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lesson Learned...

Never tell a 4-year-old a secret until you are ready for the world to know.
I knew that.
Jared did not.
Cade was told the secret.
It stayed quiet for about 1 day.
So it is time to spill the beans...
On November 20, Cade will have to build one more person for our lego family.

We all are really excited and are already trying to guess if it is a boy or girl!
But now I need to go take a nap because trying to get a 4-year-old to stay quiet is exhausting!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Leprechaun Day

A sneaky little Leprechaun visited our house this morning and left some surprises behind. The boys started the morning off with Green pancakes, Green eggs, Green milk, and "golden" banana coin slices. Beckam wasn't too sure what to do with the green eggs but they both pounded the milk all day because well... it was GREEN! They then headed off to a Green bubble bath because that silly little leprechaun "ran through the tub and made the water turn green."
The boys had a ball and were so excited about this days celebration that we decided to take Jared a green leprechaun snack. We arrived at the office with a green apple, green yogurt, green sobe drink and green junior mints.

The boys played outside all day long. It is finally so beautiful out doors and the boys have taken full advantage of the weather. They no longer play guns, football, lacrosse, light-savers, good guy/bad guy, baseball, and army inside.... they just haul it all outside.

After playing we were surprised with green frosted cupcakes from Jared.

Beckam preferred to lick the frosting and poke the cake...

Whereas Cade just inhaled the whole thing.

All in all we had a great St. Pattys day full of green surprises.
I have realized how much fun celebrating all the holidays can be with little ones around and I look forward to many more years of green pancakes and Leprechaun hunts.
Happy St Patrick's day!