Monday, April 28, 2008

Drum Roll Please...

So in its debut here is the aforementioned bunk bed. I should have taken a before picture but was so ready to get started that I didn't think about it and the bed was never really assembled until after it was painted. Here is a really really small picture of what it looked like before. For some reason the website will only give me a tiny one.

And here is the bed after more work that you would EVER think went into it. I know it isn't as cute as the picture that I posted a few entries ago but although it was lots of work it was WAY cheaper and will do for a few years until I find something I really love. I still have more work to do to get it to where I want it to be but for now I am taking a little break. You cant tell in the picture but some of the corners are sanded to make it look a little more worn and to hide some "love" that I am sure will be added with 2 boys.

This is Cades favorite part...the ladder. He goes up and down about a billion times a day. He loves to take his toys up top and play. Here he is playing hungry hungry hippo.

I still need to get the down comforters, make the duvets and get some baskets to go under the bed to fill with toys. I think that I am going to get black baskets with lime green liners just to add a little more color to the room. I am still on a search for the right material/sheets to make the duvets out of so if anyone comes across something cute let me know.

Jared couldn't resist taking a picture of him sleeping in his new "big boy bunk bed." I think we were both amazed at how little yet grown up he looked in his bed. Our next project...keeping him IN the bed and not gracing us with his presence in the middle of the night. Oh the joys of being a parent. If anyone has any fabulous ideas on how to accomplish that one I am all ears!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Our Recent Adventures

Life is starting into that "summer craziness" and I dont even have little ones in school yet. We have been up to Utah again for another blessing and baptism. It is so much fun to have so many nieces and nephews that are making such awesome choices. While we were there we also got to see my family along with my adorable sister and her hubby. It was a fun filled jam packed weekend that was so worth the 7 hour drive. Once we got home I jumped right into my supposedly easy project. I found a bed for Cade but decided that I wanted it to be a different color...easy...right... I figure that I spent over 24 hours in total getting the bed primed, painted, set up and made but I think that in the end it was worth it. The difficult part was working around my small house, during sleep times, not getting paint everywhere and finding extra room to let the pieces dry in peace. I finally got it all finished and set up on Saturday night so Cade finally got his room back and I got to put away my paint brush, hopefully, for the last time with this project. One late night it occurred to me that painting is like having a baby. In the beginning you think that it is a great idea and you are actually kind of excited about it. However, half way through you start to think, "what in the world was I thinking!?!" Once you reach the end and the project is done/baby is born you sit back and say, "you know, I did a good job, I am proud of myself but I wont be doing that again for quite a while." However, after enough time passes and you have forgotten all the blood, sweat, and tears that you experienced you start to think about doing all over again and once again think that it is a good idea. You gotta love the way that life works. I don't have any pictures of the bed yet, as that I finished right in enough time for Cade to climb his ladder a few times and then crawl into his freshly made bed but I will post some pictures soon.
Here are a few left overs from Easter that I just pulled off my camera. It was fun for the boys to be all decked out together and for Amelia to join them, although she is not in her easter dress in this picture.

It is so much fun for Cade to have his cousins close by and that he loves to play with them so much.

We also got to go on the tour of Anderson Dairy the other day. Cade was so excited to see the cows! He talked and talked about it all night and day long. Needless to say he was a little disappointed to find out that we did not get to see any real cows. However, he got over it when he found out that he got his very own ice cream at the end of the tour.

We also went to the park this weekend when my sister-in-law Allyse and her kids came to visit for a few days. We had so much fun with them and are so thankful that we got to spend a little extra time with them. This just happens to be my favorite picture from that innocent and the pure definition of enjoying the moment.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Dilemma of the Moment

So I have somewhat of a dilemma on my hands. I have decided that now is the time to break down and buy a bunk bed for my soon to be 2 boys. I was going to just buy Cade a twin bed but then decided that since I know that I am going to have 2 boys that will one day share a room that I mine as well just spring for the bunk bed now and not buy a bed twice. So, long explanation for a simple issue, I am faced with finding a bunk bed that I like. Well, the dilemma is that I have searched and searched and searched and haven't found too many that I like that are not ridiculously expensive. I want a nice one that will last and that is wood but don't want to pay premium dollar for it. So, my question is... do you have any thoughts on where to look? I hear about people getting good deals on furniture all the time but where do I start? Have you seen any that are cute? Anyway, ready, set go....shoot out all those clever ideas that I know you have...I would love to hear all of them because I need to get my little guy in a big bed ASAP!