Thursday, May 6, 2010

You can only Imagine...

The whole street blocked off.
Friends, neighbors, children, members of the community all mingling, hugging and exchanging stories.
Children laughing and giggling as they rode bikes and scooters up and down the street.
The air filled with the aroma of grilled hotdogs and the sweetness of freshly baked goods mingled with the music of the Eagles.
It was a vision straight out of a movie.
It was such a thrill to be involved in the Williams Warriors Fundraiser Benefit. So many people stepped up to the plate to not only bat but to hit a home run. As the preparations and set up began on Friday afternoon it was amazing to see what people came up with. Auctions of a signed Ohio State football, high school gear, spa packages, homemade items... the tables were endless.
The bake sale was amazing. All the items were not only amazing to eat but they were so beautiful to look at.
The kids couldn't get enough of all the fun activities... bounce house, face paint, fish pond, ice cream.
There were so many things happening and so much that had been done to lead up to this moment... this dream.
Just as the music began to blast I entered my dads office. I found him sitting at his desk looking out the window at all the commotion happening below.
I was beyond excited with what was happening and couldn't wait to see what he had to say.
My heart melted when I saw him look at me with one tear in his eye and say,
"you know, Lacey, sometimes things are just bigger than we are."
We had filled him and my mom in on what was happening but nobody could actually wrap their brain around what the end result really would be.
It was an emotional and touching moment for us all.
The night was full of support, love and most of all hugs. We were all so uplifted and touched by everyone who was there.
It was such an inspiration to me to see that 2 seemingly insignificant people can make such a difference in the world. All too often we get so busy with our own family, our own callings, our own to do lists that we forget to stop and see how we can help others.
My parents have always been such an example of serving and giving... even when there didn't seem to be "time." My dad has always been involved with the high school, whether he had a child there or not. My mom is continually loving and serving the whole community and loves her title of the "young grandma."
It was such a testament and inspiration to me that it is the small things that count. The few extra moments you spend with someone. The little words of encouragement. The never ending support that truly can change a whole community.
Thank you again to everyone who was involved in making this all happen. It truly involved people from across the whole nation. Our love and gratitude for you is endless.

I am now back home. Ready to go. Ready to give. Ready to serve.
Lets do it!