Friday, May 3, 2013

Indy | month 7 & 8

Oh my little Indy Love.
How is it that life seems to crawl by at times but your little life has been in fast forward since the moment I held you in my arms?

Month 7
-You are the happiest little soul I have ever met.
-You love loves and hugs from everyone.
-You drool and drool and drool.
-You are loving your baby food.
-You love to roll all over the place.

Month 8
-You love to get up on your hands and feet.  It would be so much easier on your knees but you insist on your feet.
-You are a mover.
-You are a fantastic sleeper.... unless you are not in your own bed.
-You adore your blanket.
-You took your first plane ride and were a champ.  You fell asleep and slept the entire time.
-You have 5 teeth.
-You always giggle at the kids but Cade can get you belly laughing.
-You do not like your car all.
-You like to blow bubbles all the time.  You always sound like a little horse.
-You are starting to pull your bows off.
-Everything you find goes right in your mouth.
-You love to swing at the park.
-You will eat anything that comes your way.

We all love you my sweet baby.
You are an angel.