Monday, February 25, 2013

Indy| Month 4, 5, & 6

 My little Indy.  How is it that life just seems to continue forward and I feel like I have simply blinked?
You are such a sweet little lady and so easy.  Everyone loves our little Indy girl and just want to snuggle your cute little chubs.
4 months
-You laughed for the first time at Cade.
-You drool, drool, drool.
-You love your binki.
-You love your bumbo and your exersuacer.
-You sleep about 8 hours at night.

5 Months
 -You love to hum and goo.
-You love, love, love your daddy.
-You had your first weekend away from mom and dad and were spoiled rotten :)
-You had your first 2 teeth pop through, both bottoms.
-You still drool and drool and drool.
-You sleep about 10 hours at night.
-You made it through your first nasty cold and double ear infection.
-You can almost sit on your own.
-You love your soft pink blanket.
-You have very strong legs and a killer grip.

 6 Months
-You put everything in your mouth.
-You eat like a champ.  8oz every 4 hours and a jar of food 2 times a day.
-You sleep about 12 hours a night.
-Your cheeks are soooooo kissable.
-Everyone comments on your eyes and eye brows.
-Your hair is getting darker and more coarse.
-You have found your feet and think they are pretty cool.
-You suck on your hand so much you have rubbed your little finger raw.
-When you fall asleep you arch your back and turn to the side and snuggle with your blanket.
-You love your teething ring.
-You smile with your entire body.
-You giggle at your brothers and sister all the time.
-You are the sweetest ever.
-Your nick names are Indy girl and Inds.

Your last 3 months according to Instagram.
{I am not a total slacker}

You melt our hearts little lady.  You are the best little baby and make us all so happy.  Thank you for being such an angel.


Alli said...

Love her! I can't believe so much time has passed. She's getting so big. I just can't get over those eyes. Ugh! What a beauty!

Lindsay Griffeth said...

She really is DARLING. What a sweet little girl. And I wish I had your photography skills. :)